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birthing class f/u, nursery update & Ellwood!

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Nice post Elaine! How did you get the cool header and way to post some photos!

So about the birthing class… Do you know how hard it is to squeeze an ice cube in each hand for a minute? Elaine does. You may ask why was she melting ice in her bare hand multiple times a night over the last week..  good question. The ice is meant to offer Elaine perspective on how long contractions last during labor and allow me insight of giving her support through different relaxation techniques.

I had to laugh the first time we did the exercise and I heard the other mom-to-be quietly but bluntly say to her partner “Stop talking” and then moments later “Don’t touch me”. Later when the technique was reviewed she said she was glad he was there but didn’t want him touching or talking. Needless to say, I’m glad that we are not that couple. My big oops was accidentally breathing on Elaine. She got over it.

I think we’d both be happy if the ice simulated the amount of pain in a contraction and instead of it’s length, but she did a great job.

On to the nursery….
Elaine found a very cool ‘woodland creature’ decal set at Target and yesterday it went on the wall.

Elaine’s homemade and very cool paper mobile was hung above the crib (you can see them in the above photo too)

In non-baby news Elaine, Ruby and I went to Ellwood Mesa today and had a great picnic lunch. No seals, dolphins, or whales, but we did have a great walk and had lunch with a beautiful view.


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  1. Just subscribed–thanks so much for sharing this! Love the photos of what you’ve done with the room. 🙂

  2. this is so fun. love that you guys are including us all in the process. glad that the paper decos are being put to wonderful use! excited that i’ve been fortunate to share in so much of this process with you both over the course of the past months and am looking forward to the days before cute lil boy watson makes his appearance…and of course the magical moments after and for years to come. it’s so amazing to see your relationship and love for each other continue to grow and flourish with each moment and that you are able to find peace and time for your relationship (and ruby!) amidst what could be so much chaos. loveliness.

  3. Every time I drop an ice cube in a drink I’ll remember your analogy now! The woodland scene is precious and we were there when you made your first large mobile, Elaine, and got the rocker from your folks. Everything is so light and airy. The room is not the same anymore.

    Ok, I figured out how to comment and then called ourselves Linda and Bob Watson. How formal. I didn’t know it would show up 🙂 So now we are Mom and Dad as compared the the OC Mom & Dad. How’s that? Love, Mom and Dad


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