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17 days

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Hello bloggers it’s Mark and happy Friday.

I wanted to give you some updates and some more photos… updates first and then photos

Labor Day has come and gone, but labor day is right around the corner. This month is flying and we are  currently 17 days away to baby. A good chunk of me is looking forward to the next 17 (quiet) days and the other is wishing we could meet him tomorrow. It is a precarious position because I could use the extra time to wrap up projects but I am also trying to push as much as I can off my plate because I know that the day could be any day.

The only thing that comes close to comparison is waiting for Christmas, knowing exactly what your parents bought you, and having no clue when you finally get to open the presents.

On Wednesday, one of Elaine’s co-workers, Clarissa, took us out to a distant beach out near the Bacara for an “I’m pregnant and would like remember what I looked like when I was really pregnant” photo shoot. Other than arriving a little late, everything was great from start to finish. Of course we were our nervous selves at times but we sucked it up to be normal in front of the camera.

We’ll keep you updated on the professional photos but here are some from my phone… yes it is an IPhone and I am now way cooler than I was last week.

While it was warm when we started shooting it cooled down and we got to see an absolutely beautiful sunset.

Thanks for reading and talk soon


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  1. Well Mark, we never gave you the electronic games that you wanted for Christmas, so I think this little baby boy will be better than any Christmas present you waited for from us 🙂 Can’t wait to see the photo shoot pictures. Count down…..


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