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I know that for most people, Saturdays are the treasured day of the week. Signaling the weekend, and comfortably packaged between Friday and Sunday, there’s no need to get up too early, no need to go to bed too early. For most people. For the past few years though, I worked in a restaurant, and then I was a massage therapist. Saturdays, just another work day, have not been my favorite day for quite a few years now.

But now… I’m sitting in bed this morning with a cup of coffee, and some apple butter slathered sourdough toast. Mark is reveling over the Hawkeye game in the living room. And I have no plans for the day but to hang out with my niece Kerrey when she comes into town for the weekend.

Saturdays are sweet again.

What I love most about my home is who I share it withMark talked about our pregnancy photo shoot already… and I’m glad he snapped those few shots as a little sneak preview. It was really a gorgeous little corner of the beach. Not very many people, beautiful blues and a sunset whose light just seemed to linger until we were ready to leave. And it was fun! Like Mark said, we’re both a little nervously awkward during things like this… wanting more direction than we’re usually given. But once she started snapping photos… for me it was a flashback to our wedding day. Something seemingly more exposing like a photo shoot can sometimes narrow into an intimate little moment just between the two of us. Yes there are flashing cameras, and outfit changes, and new directions on how to pose… but then there’s pauses and the locking of eyes and the incredible awareness of the huge change that is about the take place in the form of something so small. Then it was a ceremony. Now it’s a tiny baby.

I did have to do a double take when I saw Mark’s post yesterday. 17 days!? Is there really just 17 days left?!

Well… give or take… because he’s showing no signs of wanting to come out yet. But I’ll tell you, for the last two and a half hours of last night, he was dancing, or boxing, or just having a good old time pouncing on various parts of his surroundings. Which just happen to be my insides. Several bathroom trips had to be made because of his breakdancing moves on my bladder! I wonder if this active of a baby while still inside my belly is any indication of how active of a baby he’ll be when he makes his appearance…?

Better enjoy our lazy Saturdays now.


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  1. Elaine, I hope you can keep Saturdays as special days for you, Mark, and your little boy for a while. Snuggle, go back to sleep, have toast in bed, read him a book, sing a lullaby, go back to sleep…… Sounds nice, sounds family


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