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Post 38-week baby doctor appointment newsflash

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This little boy has started to drop!  Just a couple of inches… but hey, that’s the first step right?  I’ve started to feel what I think might be itty bitty completely irregular and greatly spaced out potential contractions.  One of those odd, unfamiliar kind of sensations low in my abdomen that make me suspect it’s a contraction… but how in the world can you know for sure because the feeling is slightly different for everyone, you know?  Like when I first thought I was feeling the baby move months ago… but wasn’t quite sure if I was just mistaking general tummy grumbling for the real deal.

However, my cervix is still closed… so our doctor guessed that he probably wouldn’t make his exit for at least another couple of weeks.

38 week doctor's appointment

So surprise surprise, the little boy currently taking up residence in my belly is most likely going to be late.  But that’s good news for us.  We still have things to do before the big arrival.  Important pre-parenthood activities… like a Bon Iver concert, some movie tickets and restaurant gift certificates to take advantage of, plenty of book reading and Netflix watching and some quality Santa Barbara/Carp time with my parents who are coming up in a week and a half!


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  1. Elaine, You look so relaxed and happy in this photo. I hope a dropping baby means you are breathing a bit easier. But if he isn’t resting on your lungs, he’s resting on your bladder 😦 Enjoy these last days and say hi to your family when they come up. We’ll be ready for a text message or call any time – day or night! Linda

  2. Packing our toothbrushes and pillows to make the journey to welcome our grandson. From the sound or your recent doctor visit, he may need some coaxing to make his arrival. Is he already taking after his mother & is he going to be late?!? OR … are we going to be relaxing on the beach waiting for him to make an appearance. This may be your first test of patience which will be repeated many times throughout his growing years. That’s what love is all about 🙂
    Mom & Dad / Grandma & Papa Arkin


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