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Notes from this Weekend

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All week we’ve been looking forward to this weekend.  Although I suppose if this little babe arrives after his due date, it won’t officially be our LAST weekend before parenthood begins… But we’ve been reserving it for ourselves anyways just in case.  A take it easy weekend.  An enjoy each other weekend.  A combination of conscious lounging, tying up projects, and fun outings that we may not be able to do for a while.

Our weekend is probably happening in that order actually.  Yesterday Mark had a huge allergy attack and spent most of the day sinusy and sneezing and eventually holed up in bed trying to nap it away (well… napping with one eye, watching football with the other).  I did some yoga, lots of reading, a little Netflix watching and some Tomato Carrot Soup and Lemon-Basil Macadamia Nut Pesto making!  That was our day of excess lounging.

Tomato Carrot soup

Today is shaping up to be the project day, with hopefully some lounging still inserted into parts of it.  And we’re super excited to spend the day and night in LA tomorrow for a long awaited Bon Iver concert, and possibly some Getty going.

I also wanted to show off our mostly finished baby room because not only is it our most decoratively put together room in the house… but it’s so colorful and breezy that I just want to stay in there all the time!  There’s a few empty spots on shelves I still want to fill, some scattered diaper cakes in the middle of being disassembled, and a low table under the window that I want to make a cushion for and turn into a bench…. but other than that… it’s pretty set and looking good!

Baby RoomBaby Room

And here’s the me and the baby belly… a couple days ago, at 28 1/2 weeks!

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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Except for the allergy attack, it sounds like a wonderful weekend for you two. You planned it out well, including a Hawkeye victory 🙂 I wish we could be there to enjoy the sunlight coming in the baby’s room. It looks so airy and welcoming. You have quite a sense of decorating style, Elaine. I can just see you or Mark sitting in the rocker with your new baby.

    If this isn’t your last weekend before baby, then I hope the next one is as enjoyable. Your parents will be there soon and there will be more love to pass around.
    Love to you both. Linda (Bob is in Canada)

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