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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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Pregnancy.  I’ve heard people say they have felt fantastic and gorgeous and glowy all through there pregnancy… and I’ve known people who have done nothing but complain about one thing or another since the moment they found out they were pregnant.

I think I’ve been lucky for the most part.  I didn’t have much morning sickness , zero heartburn, no leg cramps at night… I don’t get a complex when people tell me I look huge, because lets face it, I am!  So I escaped some of those big pregnancy woes that I hear horror stories about.  But, I also haven’t been too short of complaints.  You know… I ran across this line in one of the many books I’ve been devouring of late, “It is said that a woman births pretty much the same way that she lives life.”  Well, I have yet to experience the proof of that, but I’d definitely agree in terms of pregnancy.  I’ve had my moments where I’m happy as a clam, enjoying this new experience, noticing the subtle and not so subtle changes and anticipating the big moments to come.  I’ve had times where I don’t feel so fabulous… but hey, this is part of the deal so what else is there to do but flow with it.  And I’ve had, as Mark can vehemently attest to, many a time spent whining, crying, or otherwise obnoxiously expressing my dissatisfaction with my various states of discomfort.

Looking back on the past several months… it’s most definitely been the best and the worst of times!

Biggest Pregnancy Complaints:

  • Body Aches.  This was something that I knew was coming in theory… but never contemplated the extent to which a 30 pound belly can effect your ability to do so much! Walk for instance! I used to walk everywhere.  To work, to the grocery store, to friend’s houses, to get coffee.  Now, anything above four blocks makes me extremely hesitant, because I know the result will be swollen feet, sore legs, incredibly tight hips and that oh so lovely shooting back pain.  Bending to reach something on the ground takes stable positioning, breathing and planning.  Rolling over in bed, something I took so much for granted pre-pregnancy, is now a slow, joint wrenching, grunt-filled process.
  • Hormones. These are no myth folks.  I have experienced more weeping, irritation, and irrational sensitivity during this time than EVER in my life before.  I don’t have much more to say about that except that I love and adore Mark for his patience and love and that he deserves the biggest shout out possible in the world for living through these crazy hormones with me.  I know it’s supposed to simply be chemical… but I really feel as though at times, my emotional capacity to process and react is reduced to a two-year-old level.  So part of me wonders if it’s nature’s way of preparing us for toddlerdom.
  • Sleep.  Or lack thereof.  This is the one that has become more of a problem as the months pass.  And has only really been terrible for the past couple weeks.  But seriously.  I have been dreading the time when I go to bed.  Because sleep has become so difficult. There’s the general body discomfort, which keeps me tossing and turning (ever so slowly)… the constant bathroom trips that interrupt my sleep… and my crankiness and frustration at my lack of sleep makes it even harder to settle back down again.  Although, last night is the first time in a while that I’ve slept for a glorious 11 hours, and was able to fall immediately back to sleep after my three middle of the night bathroom trips.
Biggest Pregnancy Loves
  • The growing belly.  Yes it’s caused several aches and pains… but come on, our baby is growing in there!  To watch my changing shape and know all the development and amazing changes that are happening on even a daily basis to change our baby from a few little cells to a living, breathing, blinking, kicking human!  It’s really a pretty phenomenal occurrence in such a short period of time.  (Plus… some clothes just look cuter with a bump)
  • Baby movement.  Another thing that, while uncomfortable at times, most of the time just takes my breath away.  Especially recently, I feel like he’s just ready to bust his way out of there.  Where he’s hanging out, his kicks and head butts and little arm swims are just so distinctive that I really do feel sometimes, like I can reach down and pick him up.  I can’t wait to have that wriggling, squirmy baby in my arms.
  • Enforced pace change.  The flip side of not being as physically adept during this time… is that I’m forced to slow my pace with everything.  If I rush things too much at this point… discomfort and grumpiness ensues.  Getting up takes time, walking has to be more of a stroll, even eating needs to be done with a little more awareness (or else my lime sized stomach fills up without my noticing and I’m stuffed and unable to move).    So the slowing kind of lends itself to more of a paying attention.  Noticing things around me, inside me, and necessitates an attitude of acceptance to all these bests and worsts that make up this crazy, lovely whirlwind of change we’ve had this whole year.
PS. My niece, Kerrey, had a dream that he was born exactly on his due date (which is tomorrow).  Let’s see if she’s got a little psychic in her…Baby Belly Silhouette

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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Today is little baby boy Watson’s due date. Whenever he decides to show is fine, but I’m not the one who is carrying that little wiggle worm either.

    I’m sure he knows all the love that is waiting for him when he leaves his warm nest for the big world. There is a lot of love just waiting to be shared. See you soon. Love, Linda


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