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Good things happen to those who wait

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Monday, September 26 was not a regular day- it was the Due Day.
Monday, September 26 has been circled on our calendar for the past 6+ months
Monday, September 26 has been our point of reference for a major life change
Monday, September 26 was going to be my last day of work
Monday, September 26 was the day that ‘us’ would change from 2 to 3 (well 4 with Ruby)

Monday, September 26 has come and gone and now we wait…

Update and good news: Today at the doctor’s office we learned that Elaine is 1 cm dilated and things are moving forward at a good pace. It looks like our Libra baby will be an October baby. But October what?  The date that sits best with me and my guess since last week has been Monday, October 3rd.

Late like it was no big deal
Late like a library book
Late like most of our doctor’s appointments
Late like arriving to most of our social gatherings

Elaine’s parents, Ken & Ida, came up last weekend and it’s been fun having them around. Unfortunately I’ve had to work this week but we’ve had some good food, walks in Carpinteria, and more good food. Yeah we’ve eaten a lot and its been fun. Although there are no photos of the food, here are some photos of Elaine during the last couple days. Peace and be nice to each other -Mark


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  1. October 3rd? Great! You have timfor a quick trip to the Wapsie?

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    Great to talk today, Mark, and hear that everything is going along smoothly. Kris is right, we would have loved you two and 8.9 at the Wapsi. DeWitt has a great hospital. 🙂 We are all home now and ready to hear news from Figuero St.

    Hi to Ken and Ida. Carp is a perfect place to baby wait. Love, Mom and Dad


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