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The Power of Waffles & “Um, I think my water broke”

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On Saturday night, October 1st, Elaine and I were driving back from Carpinteria and I remember a saying that my old therapist used to tell me. Sometimes you need to announce to the universe that you are ready and often it hears you and will answer. I’ll never forget the moment that Elaine looked over to me and said that she was ready, ready to have our baby.

Elaine woke me up around 5am the next morning with, “You don’t need to wake up, but I’ve been having contractions for the last few hours and they are about 10-15 minutes apart”. I realized that this moment was the start of everything. All of our classes, books, conscious thinking, and long talks, and practice were preparing us for this moment… we were about to have a baby. I didn’t sleep for the next 40 hours.



We stayed in bed for a few hours, kept our eyes on the clock, and waited for the next sign. Ken & Ida came up from their rental in Carpinteria for our planned waffle party ( toppings of fresh fruit, syrup, and Nutella) and Elaine paused occasionally to focus on her contractions. Not your normal breakfast activity but this is the beginning of our birth story. Waffles, contractions, and Nutella.

After resting, lunch and more rest the contractions became a little more regular but remained 10-15 minutes apart. Being a Sunday and no new blog posting to read Elaine decided to close her eyes while I watched some football on my computer. Around 430pm Elaine receives a text from a friend asking if she’s gone into labor and before she can respond she rolls over to me and says:

“Um, I think my water broke”

After some laughs, packing way too much coconut water, and general over arching anxiety, we loaded the car and we were off to Cottage Hospital. All because of the words, I’m ready and some yummy waffles.

This is where I must end my post, why? Well we have a newborn baby now and he sleeps but not that much and I’m very, very, very tired.

Part two soon,
Peace and love, Mark


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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    That was a joy to read Mark. It felt like we were there, asking for the waffles to be passed. Thanks for starting to write this part all down before it becomes too much of a blur. The whole blog will be a wonderful scrapbook for Mason with his mom and dad both sharing in how it unfolds. See you in less than 2 weeks. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. so…did she end up drinking all the coconut water? 😉

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