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Just to recap from the previous previous entry. Elaine said that she was ready to go into labor, ate some magic waffles, and her water broke around 530pm and we were off to hospital about an hour later. Sound good?

So that Sunday October 2nd, we arrived at the Emergency Room in Cottage Hospital and we made our way to the L&D (labor & delivery). Elaine declined the wheelchair and thankfully we had a guide to help navigate the hospital maze. While walking there Elaine wasn’t in too much pain, we were both a little giddy,and you could say that adrenaline was our friend.

Once in the L&D we met Karen, our super helpful nurse. She got us comfortable in room #5, gave Elaine great attention, and then said that he shift was ending in about 30 minutes but she would be back in the morning  if we were still there. We were a little nervous as we both liked Karen and didn’t want a dud for our next nurse. A little later we met Michele who would be our nurse for the next 12.5 hours. Not only was she funny, but she was on top of Elaine’s needs, listened to our concerns and plans, and advocated for our every need. As a whole the entire L&D staff were amazing but it was Karen and Michele that made our delivery feel so personalized and supported.

We were fortunate to have three visitors at the hospital that night: Elaine’s parents and an excited Juliana were there to provide some comfort and support before our rest and lights out time. As the evening turned to night Elaine and I had some good alone time filled with laughs, photo time, and frequent visits from Michele and the hospital staff.


The pain from the contractions began picking up as it became Monday and during a visit around 12am we learned that Elaine had gone from 4cm to 5cm. Yep, 1cm in almost 6 hours of labor when they want you to average 1cm per hour. After some deliberation, a heating pad, and a few sips of coconut water Elaine decided to have an epidural. It took about an hour for the anesthesiologist to arrive but the relief was present on Elaine’s face almost instantly. It was gone so quickly that as soon as they shut their door and the lights were off she began sleeping for a well deserved few hours. While Elaine slept I learned how uncomfortable hospital chair/beds can be and anxiously thought of what could be next.

Around 530am Elaine was measuring around 8-9cm and our room quickly began preparing for delivery. Tables were prepped, lights tested, the room arranged, and the on-call doctor was phoned about the expected delivery.  At 6:45am the time was now and Elaine went into amazing mode. Her pushes went into breathes and her breathes went into pushes. In no time we could see the top of his little, hairy head and he began to move his way closer into our lives.

Around 7am Karen, the nurse from the previous night, came and relieved Michele. Not wanting to leave right away Michele did her case logs in our room and ended up staying an extra hour off the clock to help and try to be around for the birth. All during of this time, Elaine continued to push, breathe, stretch, smile, and push. She amazed me with her composure and attitude. She was focused on the moment, continued to stay in the moment and never wavered.

What happened at 8:56am on Monday, October 3rd cannot be put into words. This makes it hard for a written blog, but I’ve tried over the last 12 days to put it into words and I haven’t gotten close to capturing the feelings, energy, and peace of seeing Mason Robert Watson being born. The process is indescribable; partially because I experienced feelings I had never felt before. Never have I been so proud of Elaine or loved her more. Never have I fell in love instantaneously on meeting someone. Never have I felt peace around so many distractions and felt time slow down so much. This was a new reality.

This was our moment- our moment as a new family.

That was the beginning of us. Many people helped us get here and I hope you know that you are appreciated and loved. I’d especially like to thank our parents for their support, love and showing us that the beauty of being parents. From beginning to end thank you! Love Mark


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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Last night we met Mason on skype for the first time. (Thank you Ken for wanting to skype earlier and giving Mark the idea) Elaine and Mark both held him for us to see at different times. He was awake so we could see his big eyes and we watched him snuggle, try to eat Mark’s arm, and let out a squawk or two. We learned about his habits, at least those of today, and heard Ruby showing off to get attention.

    Then this morning I wake up to a new blog entry that introduces me to Mason all over again. Thank you for your loving words, Mark, about walking with Elaine through this whole experience and greeting Mason into the world. It was a beautiful way to start my day. Love each moment. Even though some hours go slowly at 3 a.m the time will go by very fast. Love, Mom/Linda


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