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Win, Win, Fail

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So I forgot to mention in the 6 week update, that we got homework of sorts.  Along with finding out Mason’s new size stats, that he’s a fantastically healthy boy, and talking about upcoming immunizations… our pediatrician told us about a few fun developmental things we could start doing with him.

  1. Tummy time, three times a day, which is supposed to help him develop his neck and leg muscles, and prepare him in pushing up, rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.
  2. Baby Massage, which is supposed to have all the wonderful stimulating and soothing effects that it has on adults.
  3. and Reading to him!  She suggested books with lots of colors and pictures, and said that he probably wouldn’t seem like he’s paying much attention at first… but eventually would start focusing on the pictures, waiting for the page turns, and hopefully develop a love for books.

We’ve been a little spotty about putting these things into practice, but have done at least one each day since his doctor’s appointment.

Mark already posted up a video of our little one working out his neck muscles, but here’s a couple more photos.

Tummy Time

Family Tummy Time

Of course any child of mine would HAVE to enjoy massage, plus, super easy to do anytime.

Baby Massage

and TODAY I brought out the books!  I was so excited… picked out three little board books.  Brought Mason to the couch with   Started with a really pretty, colorful one called “I My Nest” by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich.

In My Nest - Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich, Guess How Much I Love You - Sam McBratney, Bee Board Book

However… this is what happened for several minutes when I attempted our story time.

Reading Time

In summary…

Tummy Time: WIN

Baby Massage: WIN

Reading: FAIL

Bum-mer!… hopefully next time he’ll enjoy story time a bit more…


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  1. Adorable post! y’know what cracks me up about tummy time? He’s wrinkling his forehead and raising his eyebrows to help hold his head up! keep up the good work! Deb

  2. SAD!!! no child of the arkin heritage can dislike books!!

  3. Mom and Dad Watson

    Maybe he likes biographies or non-fiction? Tummy time is so cute. Deb is right, eyebrows do help keep his head up. Hope he travels and sleeps well with you in Orange. Love, Linda

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