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November Twenty Nine ::part 1::

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Guess who got the most amazing birthday gift that a little almost two month old baby could ever give his momma…. Can you guess….? I’ll give you a hint… communal naptime picture the light gone from the sky… compare with our normal expectations… Last night was a very good night! We slept four hours straight! last hint…. sleeping mason

yes siree!

We got NINE uninterrupted hours of sleep last night!

We actually woke up in the morning before he did!

With that fantastic morning discovery, and sweet birthday whispers from my wonderful husband… such loveliness to wake up to, hmm?

And after some breakfast for both Mason and I… he’s even now, smiling in his sleep during an abnormally long morning nap.

Other birthday excitements (I feel like my sister Kelley 😀 who likes to celebrate her birthday all month long!):

  • Friends coming to bring me a highly anticipated Tupelo Junction lunch this afternoon
  • A birthday package arriving in the mail sometime soon, the contents of which Mark is keeping a secret
  • Some wearable, smellable and cook withable family gifts to enjoy
  • Memories of a recent friend birthday dinner at a very delicious vegan restaurant here in Santa Barbara, Adama (butternut squash lasagna… mmm).
  • And Friday night’s first date night since Mason was born (more on The Melting Pot in a different post)!

        ……… sleepBirthday Me


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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    9 hours! What a gift! Sounds like your birthday is one to remember and it isn’t even over yet. Love that you, Mason and Ruby can all be in the same bed and each have your own space. Happy Birthday, Love, Linda

  2. What a memorable birthday! and sweet sleep! Happy Birthday Elaine! love Deb

  3. Oooo, yes please more on the The Melting Pot, so I can live vicariously though you.

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