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Looking Back

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Looking Back

Last night, at around 11pm, we remembered we had a Shutterfly coupon.  100 free photo prints, that we had meant to use but it had apparently slipped our mind until then.  One hour before the coupon expired.  We debated for a minute… it’s late… we’re both tired… Mark has to get up for work in the morning… is it going to stress us out to try and pick 100 photos out of the 3,000 (no joke) that we’ve take since Mason was born…

But hey, 100 free photos right? We narrowed it down to just the photos we had taken on Mark’s iphone so we could see how the square shaped, vintage-y hipstamatic photos would turn out in print.  Plus, looking through 1,319 photos is easier than looking through 3,000… right?

We were down to the minute.  3 minutes to be exact.  At 11:57pm, we had our 100 photos selected, uploaded and clicked the order button.  Phew!

And afterward… simultaneously exhausted and adrenaline spiked at trying to finish this project before midnight… we collapsed into bed.  Thoroughly pleased that we had decided to spend that hectic hour on a visual tour of our last two months.

We marvel all the time at how much he’s changed and grown.  But it was so fun to sit side by side, sleeping baby in the bassinet next to us and relive all those moments.  And even though he’s still a little babe, we could see how tiny he was such a short time ago.  The way his skin bunched up in little baby wrinkles the first couple days he was alive, like he hadn’t quite grown into it.  How he used to swim in onesies that he’s now grown out of.  How adorable he looked in his newborn tiny gdiapers.  How he would scream everytime his clothes were taken off.  His bewildered little face when he took his first bath.  And think about how far we’ve come as a family.

Since 100 photos would be a lot to expect you to look through with as much entertainment as we did last night… I’m posting up just a handful of the ones that we choose that we haven’t posted here on the blog yet.

I hope you get even a smidge as much delight out of them as we do. 🙂

(Disclaimer: I tried to narrow it down to a “handful”… but I could only bring myself to cut it down to 25.)

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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    So glad you spent the hour! And thanks for sharing 25 new ones with us! No, you don’t have a newborn anymore, do you? Love, Linda

  2. so so so so cute!!!! i miss you all, and am so happy to be able to see pictures of little mason on here. i miss you all, and hope i will see you soon!!!


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