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From nap-time, to bath-time, to tummy-time, to eating-time, to changing-time, to walk-time, to bedtime all is good. We all have our moments, but Mason is such a fun kid to have around. It’s really difficult to find words to describe what it feels like to watch him grow, learn, develop, and coo. Amazing. Beautiful. Love.

Elaine and I are truly fortunate to have a happy, healthy baby who is interactive, fun loving, and go with the flow (talk more about that later). Mason enjoys his sleep, puppy kisses, and long walks. At times Mason is a talker- his coos are always changing but right now we hear a lot of aboom, atum, gue, b’ga, and mammum. Fun

Last weekend my work received extra tickets to an afternoon performance to The Nutcracker ballet at the Arlington Theater. Three months ago any last minute impulsive trips were no problem, but now they are either impossible or take extra planning. It took only one phone call to have our first non-family babysitter (no tears this time). Thank you, thank you, thank you Juliana for helping us get out of the house and taking such good care of Mason. He loved spending the afternoon with you- bouncing, playing, and having fun. The ballet was a lot of fun but it was really nice to come home to a sleeping baby and an excited puppy.

Elaine started back to work on a part-time basis the other week and is currently picking up one shift a week and others as needed. Things were slow on her first few shifts but yesterday things got busy. Elaine was out from 12-630pm and Mason and I had some quality boy time. (Not to brag but my previous record for being alone with Mason was 2 hours) We had a great afternoon of rocking, eating, we went for a long walk with Ruby, and even watched a few Daily Shows on hulu. While I was a little nervous, I really couldn’t have asked for a better day.

While Mason is pretty good at giving cues for what he needs, I’ve learned a lot from Elaine. I’m really impressed at how much she knows about him, what he needs, and how best to give it to him. It really is a science. Not just reading verbal and non-verbal cues, but a baby science. Yes he cries, pouts and sometime the bottle is a chore, but I’m doing pretty well and we have a lot of fun together. I don’t know if it is experience or confidence- but both are growing. Its a good thing too as Elaine picked up a shift today and tomorrow so I’m getting more smiles and a new kind of fun weekend.

Thanks for reading- Mark


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  1. it was my pleasure. anytime you need a date night or morning or afternoon getaway, let me know! we had fun, despite mason looking perplexed as to why you were headed out the door without him 🙂 and of course ruby received lots of love by sunshine and me as well.

    love you all (ruby too!)

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    Great post and the new header picture is wonderful. Would make a lovely card. Can’t wait to see Mason again. He just is not a newborn any more, is he? (and can’t wait to see you two too). He looks so grown up when you help him sit – with his head so sturdy and big eyes looking around. Love, Mom

  3. Oh my gosh, he’s looking like a little boy! He’s beautiful and I can tell that his parents and extended family and now babysitters are crazy about him. MerryChristmas and much love! Deb and Gary


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