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I’ve always wanted to be a person who sent out Christmas cards.

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This was our bookcase come Christmas Day: christmas cards

Filled with lovely photo cards from our friends and faraway family.  Many more now than even a year ago.  I think that getting married and having kids inspires people to get their Christmas card act together.  Except us apparently.  Slight Christmas guilt lingered over the fact.  But heck.  One more thing on the plate this season was just not what our sanity required…  But I did come across this article, and felt right at home in it.  My favorite line:

“My kids are cute ya’ll! Just as cute as the kids whose parents organized their labels and pictures and whose photos now decorate my mantle.”

We may not have sent out Christmas cards… but we will at least get our Christmas post up before the year ends!  So just one short hour before the New Year rings in… here’s a small visual offering of what was probably my favorite Christmas ever.  With some just the four of us (Ruby too, of course!) time in the morning, some Arkin/Martinez/Gutierrez family time throughout the day, a Christmas walk through a nighttime Carpinteria, and a Solvang trip the next day… There was just the right amount of bustle and not too much hustle.

Christmas Weekend

And some of my favorites in a little series.  (Line1) Natalee making Mason talk and smile.  (Line2) Cousins posin’

Hope you all are enjoying your New Year’s Eve!!


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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    I’m the first one up on New Year’s morning. Mason’s Rochester cousins are sound asleep upstairs along with their parents. Grandpa is awake but his feet haven’t touched the floor yet. I get to savor a Christmas greeting blog with just the cat on my lap.

    You captured a lot of love and spirit in your pictures and writing last night Elaine. Happy New Year to all four of you and may 2012 bring many more memories that fill your life with joy. Love, Linda

    • Happy New Year to you three! I love reading your blogs and looking at Mason…that’s one beautiful child. Thanks for keeping us all updated and we look forward to the day when we get to meet him in person. Sending much love, deb


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