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A quick laugh…

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…at Mason’s expense, yes, but I think he can handle it.

I plopped him down in his swing about ten minutes ago, because he seemed tired. While he proved me wrong… he’s spent the time talking and smiling at himself in the mirror directly above him. So I thought I’d nab this opportunity to tell a tiny story.

In the first few weeks of Mason’s life… he peed an incredible amount! He still does. But not outside of his diaper quite as much. But in the beginning… it seemed every other time we took off his diaper to replace it with a fresh one, a fountain of pee would shower either one of us, one of our friends (sorry Jules!), the bed or make an arch high and far enough to clear the bed and hit the carpet!
Mark was always really great with his reactions, quick to cover the stream with a cloth, the new diaper, or his hands if nothing else was immediately available. My reaction, on the other hand, was to shriek, and lean away with my hands up! Not a helpful response. And I tried hard to alter it. And I did get better!
But it’s a little more of a novelty now, the peeing into the air thing. So my reaction is generally a moot point.

During a diaper change earlier this morning, I had just turned to get a new cloth and right when I turned back and up shot a stream. Only instead of heading for me, or other various fabric items around him… it headed straight up for his FACE! Right up into his face he peed! With a shocked look himself! He started to wail as this happened, and I remembered the appropriate response was to DO SOMETHING rather then stare. So I grabbed the nearest burp cloth and laid it over him to sop up the wetness now pooling in various crevices, but he loudly and vocally objected to his entire face being covered up during this traumatic moment. So as he looked on horrified… I dabbed his little face with a wipe and tried to dry his wet hair with the cloth. My poor baby. Diaper changes shouldn’t have to be so distressing!


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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    I bet Mason will be easy to potty train…… He’s looking so grown up in photos now. It’s like he could roll over in his crib and stand up. -L.

  2. yeup…maybe he’ll learn that peeing ought to wait until there’s something to cover the stream…just maybe.

  3. So funny and whoever thought being peed on would be so hilarious? This story reminded me of a time I was changing Max’s diaper and noticing he was wincing and blinking his eyes. I leaned in close and asked “what’s the matter?”. I thought he was developing a facial tic! Then I realized he was peeing into his face! Poor baby! Moms can be a bit slow at times 🙂


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