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Our baby is just so rad.

We’ve started putting him down for naps in his crib during the day (some of the time), because he is rapidly outgrowing his bassinet and we’ll probably have to make the switch to his own room relatively soon (tears!).

But just now, I was swaying with him in his room, right near the mirror… and he’d already rubbed his eyes a few times, he’d gotten a little heavier, his head was almost resting on me, so I knew he was getting tired.  But we swayed for a while, trying to find that perfect time to set him in the crib, not so tired he’d gotten cranky, but not so awake that he’d get bored immediately.  And his eyes are roaming the room.  Looking at the bird decals on the wall, the striped curtains, the round paper mobile hanging from the ceiling… his room has a lot of colors (if you remember from this post).  And then he finds us in the mirror.  And I’m swaying in and out of a little stream of light coming in from the window.  And he just watches, for at least three or four minutes, as the light appears on the side of us, and disappears.  Just stares.  Making me wish I could see the world through baby eyes, how incredibly new and fascinating everything must seem.

His attention faltered and I used that opportunity to lay him down.  A little fuss and I gave him his pacifier, prepared to hang out there for another five minutes or so, holding his arms still and shushing him into a nap, like we have to do the majority of the time.  But instead, once he has his pacifier, he just turns his head to the left and closes his eyes!  No resistance, no crying, no last minute diaper changes.  A few wriggles and squirms (to get comfortable?) and he’s out like a light.

I marvel at the radness of my child, nab my coffee from the kitchen and sit to tell you all this little story.

Thanks for reading.

Also…. lest you think that life with a three month old is a piece of cake… as long as he has another longer nap stretch, my next post will be about yesterday.  Otherwise known as, the day I learned the meaning of “Your life is no longer your own.”


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  1. My eyes were drooping while reading this! And what a peaceful picture to go with it! Good job!

  2. I think you hypnotized him a bit with the light and mirror. I got a bit droopy too, reading ‘the light goes in and out, in and out, in and out………’. So glad he is a good sleeper. L.


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