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Month Three

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Today Mason is 3 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day old.

One of these days, we’ll put one of these monthly birthday posts up on time!

Exciting new things about this age so far…

  • Mason is growing fast! He looks bigger every second and is nearly surpassing our friend’s dainty little six-month old baby Brooklyn in size.  We won’t find out how much he weighs again till his next Dr. appointment at the end of February, but let’s just say he’s a very good eater!
  • Actually… recently he’s a very distracted eater.  He’s become so much more interested and aware of what’s going on around him that he pauses several times during a feeding to either glance around, or look up at me and grin!  The four month mark is when he’s supposed to be able to start eating rice cereal, and he’s definitely watching us very studiously while we eat our own food… but we’ve tested him out with bite sized pieces.  (We have no intention of feeding him any food right now! He’s too young)   but it’s kind of funny to hold a forkful of food right up to his mouth, because he just looks at it.  Looks at us.  With absolutely no recognition of it as being something that belongs inside his mouth.  It will be fun when he starts eating real food.
  • He is super observant, and will hang out in our laps just watching what’s going on around him.  Whereas he used to pass out immediately upon trekking out for a walk, he now stays awake for most of it.  Looking up, looking down, soaking it all in… and maybe taking a little snooze towards the end.  His little legs have gotten too long to be bunched up inside the Moby Wrap, so we’ve started to let them hang loose.  With socks of course (don’t worry, mom!)
  • He started to roll over from his tummy to his back around two months (did I mention that before?)  But then took a month hiatus, and has just started doing it again.  Our little contortionist has also started kicking and arching and twisting and looking like he’s so close to rolling from back to front! But so far, no dice.
  • At the advice of a BabyCenter email, we started holding his arms and pulling him from lying up to a sitting position.  A lot of the time, he’ll push his legs straight down too, raising himself to a wobbly stand.  And sometimes we’ll see him doing tiny stomach crunches, like he’s trying to sit up on his own.  Our little strength training exercises.  They’re pretty cute.
  • He’s entertaining himself for longer periods of time.  Which is great! Because it gives us a few precious moments of hands free time when he’s not napping, especially now that his naps have gotten SO MUCH SHORTER (which I’ll talk about at a later time).  We have a little activity mat that we hang colorful toys from the top of, and he’ll bat at them, grab at them, and has just recently started to pull them towards himself and hug on them.  I almost feel like we’re treating him like a kitten… which is slightly disturbing… but it seems to be helping him with his coordination which is pretty cool to watch progress.
  • And oh how I love his sounds! He coos, he babbles, he now squeals and squeaks.  He gurgles and gasps, and tries to sing along… and on a still pretty rare occasion, he will LAUGH! And yes.  It is the MOST adorable thing you have EVER seen or heard.



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  1. that smiling one is a heart breaker!! he’s just beautiful!

  2. He’s going to walk himself on to the plane in a few weeks! You caught some beautiful close up shots. You’ll love it when those sounds become mamamamama and dadadadadada. L


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