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Hi Everyone- hope you are doing well. Thank you for all of your comments- even though we might not respond to everyone we appreciate your kind words and messages. Questions are welcomed and we’ll fill you on the nitty gritty.


Here we go…
Elaine and I woke up this morning thinking that Mason’s first night in his own room and crib was a success. Mason woke up a couple of times, once for a new diaper and maybe twice to just to make sure we didn’t forget about him. Even though we were tired this morning we managed to laugh at our conversation right before bed.

To paraphrase:

{Setting 1030pm, I’m in bed with the lights off and Elaine walks in..}
Elaine: Do you mind if I turn on the light?
Mark: inaudible grunt
Elaine: (turns on light) I miss our baby..
Mark: (silence)
Elaine: I’m really gonna cry for days when he moves out.
Mark: (rolls over) You know that isn’t for a long time, right?
Elaine: Yeah I’ll just miss him a lot

In other news our washing machine is broken and our land lord is having a difficult time fixing it (long story). This is fine for our laundry, but makes cloth diapering impossible. For the past 12 days or so we’ve gone the disposable route and Mason is rocking the Sesame Street Crew Pampers collection. Elaine may get embarrassed with this disclosure*, but she has found it fascinating to collect every used diaper he’s gone through and stuff them into garbage bags. Don’t get me wrong it is a cool science experiment but it is a lot of diapers**. I’m not really sure what she is going to do with the bags but it really is scary to see how 15 small diapers a day adds up over a week and how long they will stick around our planet. Makes me happy that we will transition back to cloth as soon as the machine is operating.

This morning we also had a fun adventure to a Waldorf School open house. Elaine had been reading about them for a while and was pretty pumped to check it out their campus and learn more about the teaching philosophy. We both like hand’s on learning and have concerns about CA public schools and I’m just glad that we have a few more years to research and save.

One reason that we had to leave the open house early is that Elaine had to work almost all day today. Mason and I have had a lot of fun today enjoying tummy time, activity mat batting and the newest game of foot grabbing. The two of us have been talking for the last couple of weeks about an upcoming Radiohead concert and how excited we were to buy tickets and go with Elaine. He’s been staring at a concert photo of Radiohead since he was born so he is a big fan. Tickets went on sale this morning and we got pretty sad that Ticketmaster is beyond lame. Tickets for the show were basically sold out before they went on sale and needless to say- we didn’t get any. Online ticket brokers (scum of the earth scalpers) should not be able to get away with charging 3-4 times the face value of the ticket. Scalping is my pet peeve and yes this is my rant of the day- the concert experience is a glorious thing and it is sad when the business mentality screws over bands and true fans. The good news is that there are kind people who sell there extra tickets for face value. I’ve benefited many times from these true fans and have always vowed to never sell my extra tickets for profit. Karma (or Karma Police).

If you are someone who has extra tickets to the upcoming show- let me know and the karma circle will continue.


Hope your day is great and thanks for reading, Mark

* I was correct she was embarrassed
** very embarrassed

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  1. Mark…honestly…so sorry about the ticketmaster trauma…but it’s the pictures of Mason that count to this relative in Boulder who has never even heard of Radiohead.

  2. papa and grandma Ida

    I’m with you on that one Deb. Radiohead?
    Grandma Ida

  3. For those of us who have never heard of Radiohead (including me) here is a website to help you out. Wish I had tickets to give you Mark but I don’t.

    That first pix of Mason with tummy sticking out lounging on the chair is precious. Counting the days to 2/5. Mom

  4. Elaine you are still collecting the diapers?? Sick.
    Guys I will try my best to get Radiohead tix but if I recall correctly the last time they came through we couldn’t even get as many as we wanted for NHR. But I will do my best!

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