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H is for Hawai’i

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Okay I guess that we will do a blog post while we are on vacation. Right now Elaine, Mason, and myself are somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in route to Maui. To me right, Mason is sound asleep on Elaine’s lap and she is watching the movie of the flight and it involves Justin Timberlake and the Mama Mia girl running around sharing time or something.

So far the flight has gone smoothly. Mason had a moment of discontent but he fell asleep also trying to watch the movie (personally I don’t blame him). One challenge thus far is that the plane doesn’t have a diaper changing station. This added a twist to the regular change-a-roo but it worked the first time and fingers crossed for the next couple.

One thing that was interesting for this flight is that we didn’t have to shown any forms of id for Mason to get a boarding pass or get through security. It’s a little scary that anyone can bring a baby on a domestic flight and not need to prove relation. Thankfully this was our case because we had planned to bring his birth certificate but forgot it at home. Oops! Hopefully it won’t be an issue getting off of the island.






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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    And now you are here safe and sound, with full tummies and some quiet time while the clouds roll over the ocean. Mason will be so fun to have around these next days (you guys too!) Mom

  2. I just loved reading that blog!! and I’m so glad you dodged the birth certificate thing….Jake and Jules nearly missed a flight with Jude for that reason, I think. Have a super time…you both look so happy and Mason looks like he’s ready for some grandma and grandpa time!


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