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You know…

I love this blog.  I love knowing that we’re going to have all these early memories recorded to look back on, all these photos explained and with stories attached, rather than packed away in a box or on a disk drive.

I love that it’s a way to let our family and friends know what’s going on with us, because I know that I, for one, am terrible at keeping up with my long overdue “catch up” phone calls.

HOWEVER… I find myself putting off writing here sometimes.  I think I feel like I need to have several great stories and pieces of news, pretty pictures and hence, time to write it all and upload and arrange photos.

But I’m thinking that all that just isn’t necessary all the time.

So here I am, with some quick news that I can’t even give you visual proof of yet… because still hidden under the surface… but just near enough to feel a little sharp ridge… we felt Mason’s first tooth this morning!

He was chomping away at my finger when he woke up, and I thought I felt something less gummy than usual.  Sure enough, after some feeling…. there it was!  Which gives us an explanation for why he’s been an absolute BEAR to put to sleep the past couple nights.  He’s been cutting a tooth!  Poor baby!

But excited parents!!


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  1. Bob and Linda

    Whoo, whoo. A big step for a little mouth. Won’t that be fun to see. Maybe we can skype this weekend and see what else has grown in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks for the update!

  2. Yea for Mason’s first tooth…love reading everything Mason!


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