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Hi everyone! Over last weekend I had an opportunity to attend a leadership workshop in Half Moon Bay. For those not familiar it is a smaller town on the coast and just South of San Francisco. I was extremely fortunate to have Elaine and Mason come up with me for the four day conference- if you ask Elaine she was really excited to get out of town, see old friends, and travel.

Along the way North, we spent the evening/night/morning in Santa Cruz and had a great time walking Pacific Ave and the not-yet-open Boardwalk area. Neither of us had really spent much time in Santa Cruz but we really had fun exploring the city and checking out the sights. We ate all two of our meals in the city at Cafe Gratitude. In addition to the multitude of great raw, vegan, & non-sugar foods, we were able to make some great positive affirmations while ordering our food. I am blessed. I am magnificent. And yes, we practically left Santa Cruz with the Cafe Gratitude cookbook on order from Amazon.


Even though I was in workshops most of the day, Half Moon Bay was a great get away for us. Elaine and Mason could explore the coast, sit by the fireplace in our room, and walk around the town.


As Elaine mentioned in the previous post Mason has been a bear around the sundown hour. On top of his eczema, he has two little teeth popping out of his bottom gums. For whatever reason it is particularly painful during 5-7pm and the two hours are filled with cries, tears, and upset faces. With that said Mason has such a great attitude. He is constantly full of smiles, laughs, big eyes, and giggles. Evening are hard but the other parts of the day are amazing.

I included an updated photo of Ruby as they have recently become the best of friends. They both spend their day looking for each other and constantly watching what the other is doing.  Mason has learned how to pet her, tug at her ears, and even more importantly learned how to swing his arms around to bat her licks away. For those that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ruby she is a kisser, so thankfully he’s a quick learner.

Hope you have a good weekend,


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  1. Sounds like a great getaway! Mason continues to be so photogenic! Love the pictures!

  2. I loved seeing Mason watching you eat your dinner at that wonderful restaurant. He looks sooooo interested in that bite of food. Nice you could all go together. And his first ‘roll over’ picture – he is so happy and proud. One of you caught a perfect shot of that smile. Mom

  3. Papa & Grandma Arkin

    Seeing his smiling face, it’s hard to imagine the discomfort he feels with his teeth coming in. Ya gotta love that smiling face & we do!!!

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