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Elaine laid Mason into his crib for a nap this afternoon and he began to cry in protest. This is a fairly common reaction but today we did something different.

For whatever reason I looked to Elaine and said, “Should we put Ruby in his crib?” (to be honest I’ve thought about doing it on multiple occasions but never thought that Elaine would say yes)

In one smooth motion we scooped up Ruby and plopped her into his bed. The crying immediately turned into smiles Mason watched Ruby gingerly circled him. In typical Ruby fashion she made herself cozy in no time and laid at his head. The photos are fun but the in-person moment was the best!

For those concerned, we did get Mason down for the nap but unfortunately Ruby had to take her nap outside the crib




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  1. Aw. He looks so happy with his buddy in bed with him. Good ol’ Ruby. Glad you got some pictures of it. Mom

  2. Y’know…Grandpa Gable would have loved Ruby.


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