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Half Birthday!

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Ben Harper: Beautiful Boy- originally written and preformed by John Lennon

Half a Year = Six Months = 26 Weeks = 182 Days = 262,974 Minutes = 15,778,463 Seconds

The last six months of our lives have flown by as quick a hummingbird beats its little wings. It’s a little scarey to think how much has changed in six months and just how fast it has gone. It seems like yesterday that Elaine woke me up with “Um, I started have contractions last night” and we were making plans for the un-plannable future. Now we have a little boy to tuck into bed every night, we wake up to the sounds of “hoos” and smiles, and he has armpits that like to be tickled until he giggles  uncontrollably with a high pitched laugh.

Hours turn quickly to days and days melt into months without effort. My hope is to live in these moments and soak them in because they go so quickly. It is hard to appreciate being woken up 2-3 times a night by a crying baby, but even the tough phases are pretty incredible and they will have an ending point just like the fun phases. Years from now I hope that I can relive these days with a clarity. I’ll cherish the tired cuddles, the big toothy smiles I can get on command, and long walk that explore our town. It won’t be too much longer until this moment passes and these routine activities are gone and new funner and challenging things replace them.

Looking back at some of our older blog posts from October and November it is hard to comprehend how those days feel like they were simultaneously moments and years ago. I had such a mixed bag of emotions that I had to share the photos with Elaine and Juliana and we shared a  quick walk down memory lane. We’ve taken thousands since but these were some our the first photos of our baby. It is crazy to think back to those days and even crazier to think of what is next… crawling, more solid foods, talking, walking, first day of school, driving, and moving out. Aghhh

I know that the clock hasn’t sped up, but it feels like life moving by quicker.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Mason! May you be happy, may your dreams come true
Love, your Mom & Dad


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  1. Papa & Grandma Arkin

    Half birthday, 6th month birthday! No matter how you count it, HAPPY is the guiding word, SMILES are the way, & LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE I AM, KEEP ME LAUGHING is the attitude that seeps into our hearts.
    Love ya’ll
    Papa & Grandma Arkin

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    Wow. Seems like we just heard the news that you two were going to have a baby. Now we can’t imagine saying Mark and Elaine without adding Mason to the end of the phrase. We agree with Papa and Grandma Arkin – with those words in the vocabulary, Mason has a great future.

    We love you all too. And happy 6 months birthday Mason. Grandma and Grandpa Watson

  3. What a great letter to your little one! We loved listening in. You are super parents…that’s easy to see. Hugs from us…

  4. Nicole Williams

    So awesome! I cannot believe that it has already been 6 months, that feels impossible!! I really can’t wait to see that little guy again. It really does go by sooo fast and sooo slow all at the same time :). You guys are incredible and I am so glad that you are having such an amazing experience…it’s inspiring really.

    Nicole, Bret, Luke and Benjamin


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