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A Day In The Life Of A Six-Month Old

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A couple weeks ago I was brainstorming ideas for new blog posts. One of my ideas was to take a photo of Mason waking up and then snap another shot every hour afterwards. Similar to following him around and getting snapshots of his day. It would show everywhere that he went and photograph a about 13 moments of his day, no matter his mood or what he was doing. My hope was that each shot would be real life no matter what- there would be no posing, planning, or staging- it would be a day in the life of six month old Mason.

And here starts Mason’s day of April 7th, 2012 …

{I thought that this post may need some theme music and decided to link in this video. It is intended as back ground music and to help the photos tell a story… there are a lot of photos. Enjoy}

A Day In The Life- performed by Grant Green

Mason woke up at 830am with a smile, some coos, and by the time I was in his room he already grabbed his book and sheep. After this photo and changing his diaper I set my alarm clock for every hour until 8:30pm.






After some breakfast Elaine, Mason, & Ruby had some floor time. He is getting pretty good at sitting up and loves to bounce up and down while he is held. At 9:30am Mason was getting some kisses from his best friend.

All of those kisses made Mason pretty tired and he was down for his morning nap and fast asleep when 10:30am rolled around. Elaine and I used his nap to do some apartment therapy and finished cleaning out our living room.

It is now 11:30am and the day was picking up. After he woke up Mason got a new diaper and a change of clothes and was hanging out with his mom on the couch after nursing.

This is one point in the day where a photo every hour took a turn for the worse. Mason was almost asleep in his crib when the 12:30pm alarm went off. I quietly tip toed into his room to not disturb him and his eyes snapped awake! Surprised to see me, he started flailing his arms and legs in excitement. Here is a photo that captures some of that tired joy. Yes he stayed awake for a few minutes but thankfully went right back sleep.
Proof of his sleeping was still evident at 1:30pm. This was lunch time for Elaine and I and a break from cleaning, laundry, and organizing.


After the nap we scooped him up and went off in the car to go for a hike in Montecito. Mason doesn’t really mind his car seat and I think he likes road trips. Today was no different and he sat pretty quietly in the back along with his companion owl. Funny thing is that we got out of the house so fast that we forgot his diaper bag, water, and snacks that we had packed. Oops
Its now 3:30pm and Mason must have gotten a little bored during the hike and fell asleep while I carried him in the Ergo. However, Elaine and I had a blast but quickly realized how out of shape we were when we were going up Cold Springs trail. We did reach a few great look-out spots and celebrated by splitting a messy orange overlooking the ocean and Carpinteria.
Back home and lovin it at 4:30pm. Here we are practicing sitting up and reading an exciting book about peek-a-boo animals. You might notice that this is Mason’s third outfit of the day (pj’s, morning, and now afternoon outfits).

It is 5:30pm and our alarm clock went off as we were walking to our car to go meet friends for dinner. We left a little early to see if he would fall asleep during the car ride… nope.

I don’t remember if I’d just finished eating but I know that I was quieting Mason when the alarm went off at 6:30pm. Elaine took this photo in the TAP Thai Restaurant and she was hoping to get his upset face. Instead you got a sleepy look and a spot of eczema on his cheek. Dinner was good, food was tasty, and it was fun to see Sara, Dana, and Brent (missed seeing you Aubrey).
For a guy who’s bed time is usually around 7pm, Mason was living it up at 7:30! We had just pulled into our parking spot when the next alarm went off. Mason was happy to have his photo taken, excited to get out of his seat, and ecstatic to get ready for bed.
At 8:30pm Mason was so out of it that he didn’t notice that I turned on his light to take this photo.  Elaine also took a nap shortly after 830 and she spent the rest of the evening catching up with her friend Mary while I watched a movie. We were both asleep by 11pm. What a day!
Thanks for taking a tour of Mason’s life. Even from a glimpse of 13 photos, you can see that it is filled with naps, smiles, developing new skills, and traveling. Both Elaine and I were happy that we didn’t have to document anything too embarrassing and it also will be fun to compare this post to future days. Who knows maybe there will be more A Day In The Life posts…
Love, Mark


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  1. Bob and Linda

    That was clever. You three have a most enjoyable Saturday routine for projects and play. Mason just fits himself into it so well. It will be so different to see him sitting up and enjoying avocados next month when I come out. That was definitely not one of your first foods, Mark. 🙂 Thanks for a snapshot of your day. Love, Mom

  2. I just reread this post and loved it all over again. You three (I wrote two first) pack a lot into a day with some work, fun, and friends plus some time to yourself. Thankfully Mason is a good sleeper now…. Great Grandma loves that her blanket for Mason was in 5 photos! Love, Mom

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