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One of the great joys of a six month old is that every day new things are happening. It’s hard to keep up with the new developments but he is sitting up for long periods of time, regularly eating our homemade baby food, occasionally clapping with excitement (no noise but his hands touch), and maybe I’m projecting but it looks like he is starting to wave. From one day to the next Mason’s skills are refining themselves and it is exciting to watch.

I’ve includes some photos of recent eating.  On the left is peas and the right is zucchini. He is a great eater, even though the photos show food all over his mouth. In my opinion it would be a boring eating photo if it wasn’t a mess. Mason’s eating schedule is rice cereal in the morning and vegetables in the afternoon and evening. We haven’t found a food that he hates yet, but it is easy to say that avocado is his favorite. It’s funny because I don’t think I knew what an avocado was until I was 21. Oh California influences!

I’m making carrots next so he’ll get another taste and color soon!

Here are a few more photos from this last week…

The last photo is in honor of our friend Juliana, who recently began an adventure of moving to Washington DC. Her blog can be found by clicking here. I’ll miss your friendship, jogs around town, and your glowing personality. You are going to do great, travel safely and look forward to seeing you in August!

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  1. When Jake and Jules started feeding Ben avacado I thought…Whaaaa??? The things we learn from our children! Mason is a beauty! Just love each pic. 🙂

  2. Jules is leaving? I’m sorry to see one of your big support systems moving away. Sounds like a DC visit will be in the future. Mason looks so much like a toddler, not a baby anymore when I see him sitting up. Can’t wait to see him do that in person. Patty cake and books will fill our days! Love, Mom


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