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Yeah, we took Mason to a Bon Iver concert..

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Last Sunday Elaine, Mason, and I went to see Bon Iver {it’s a band} at the Santa Barbara Bowl.  To be honest I didn’t know if it was going to work. Mason’s usual bed time was the exact same time as when the show was supposed to start. Mason can get a little fussy around his bed time, I was a little nervous how the night would go. So along with our belongings, I packed up my anxiety and in a quiet voice I said to myself “Lets make the best of this and have fun”.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and at times, I’ll admit, I have looked quizzically at other audience members as they lug around their young child. I’d think- how much fun would it be to be at a show with a little kid strapped to you chest? The kids probably cry a lot, lord knows you can’t have a beer, and I bet your back kills after holding an extra 20 lbs for three plus hours.

Now after two concerts (Mat Kearney earlier in the month) I have a much better understanding because now I am that parent. Truth be told it is a lot of fun to take Mason to concerts! Not only did Elaine and I have a blast, but while he was awake Mason had a lot of fun watching the bands, listening to the music {don’t worry, we bought him ear plugs to muffle the sound. There is even proof in the photo above}, and people watching. Mason quickly made some friends with two older woman sitting next to us without much effort. They thought it was great that it was his second time hearing Bon Iver live but first time seeing them live. The first time was two weeks before he was born down in LA. (Remember the dancing stomach video from a previous post? Click HERE Yep, same band)

The women were great neighbors and at one point they helped us get his pacifier from the ground and offered to ‘sanitize’ it in their glass of chardonnay. Even though we declined their offer, the woman thought that Mason was “a hoot” and a “handsome young man”. To be fair Mason did have one loud ‘I’m almost asleep!’ cry during a quiet violin solo that quickly drew our and our neighbors attention. We quickly muffled it with his pacifier and that was his last cry before he fell asleep in our carrier until it was almost time to go home.

Bon Iver was a great show and it was a great night to be out on the town. The three of us have a many more concerts in our future so I’m glad that we are off to a good start. Next on our list is Norah Jones also at the SB Bowl. It was supposed to be a surprise early first anniversary gift for Elaine. Unfortunately I forgot it was a secret and let it slip out a couple weeks ago. Regardless it will be another good one. Love ya Elaine and Happy (s0on) Anniversary!

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  1. Very fun to skype tonight and see Mason being so bouncy and happy. Happy anniversary to you both. Hope the card comes on the 30th. You’ve had an amazing year. We love you – all three, oops, four of you. Mom

  2. hi! we are going to see a concert at the sb bowl this fall and by that time my baby will be 6 months old and would love to take him. i did a little search + came across your site which made me even happier to see others have done the same thing. i’m just curious — did you just show up with the baby + they were fine letting you in? i doubt they’d require a ticket for him but thought i’d ask if you had to do anything extra to allow the baby to get in. thanks in advance!

    • Hi! From what I understand your child doesn’t need a ticket as long as they are less than 2 years old and sit on your lap. You can call the ticket office to clarify, but we had no trouble with security, the ticket scanners, or during the show.
      Coincidentally I’ve also been ushering at the Bowl for the last two seasons and I’ve seen quite a few families do it successfully. One thing that made our experience stress free was switching seats with another party so we could sit in the back row of our section. Yes we were a little further away, but it gave us needed flexibility to stand up at any time, not block anyone’s view, and meet Mason’s needs. If that doesn’t work you can alway go up near the top of the venue to a over-look pavilion that recently opened.
      I’d also consider getting something to protect your baby’s ears. The Bowl offers free one-sized-fits-all earplugs, but they are too big for an infant’s ear canal. I bought a pack of silicon ear plugs from CVS and only need to brake them in half to fit his ears. That worked for us, but I’ve also seen a lot of kids with noise reducing ear muffs. Here is one example from Amazon (
      It’s more than you asked, but hope the info helps. Happy concerts and hope you all have a great experience!


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