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Here to Redeem My Blogging Reputation

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I have been put to shame over the past month and a half… by my husband’s stellar blogging rituals and my utter and complete absence.  I have no excuse.  My mind (and my typing fingers) have been elsewhere.  But I’m here to redeem myself!

I have only little glimpses of recent happenings to offer… but my meager contribution is merely me gathering steam.  Just you wait.  I will be blogging more from now on!


Bootlegger Brewery

was how we toasted to our ONE YEAR anniversary this past Monday!  I can hardly believe a year has already passed since we were dancing on the rooftop of Santa Barbara’s Canary hotel with many of you.  Oh the mind reels when I think of all that has happened and all that has changed since then.  How different life was only a year ago.  We have a date day coming up in addition, but Monday night we celebrated with take out thai food, a scrumptious seasonal brew (thanks Kelley!!), and a movie on netflix while the baby snoozed away in his crib.  Married life has treated us well 😀


Mason and I also took a quick trip down to Orange County last week.  Just for kicks.  We had a blast hanging with the grandparents, the aunties, uncle and the cousins (Mason’s, of course).  We took a couple walks to and from the Orange circle, Mason in the Ergo pack.  First with cousin/neice/goddaughter Natalee, singing made up songs and holding hands across the streets.  And then with my Ker Bear and Jules (who’s long awaited DC voyage was delayed yet again by a busted car), and talked about all manner of things from religion to Disney characters to OC architecture 😉  Good times girls.  Good times.  We even got in on a very belated Christmas celebration.


And photos can never quite capture the gorgeousness that we see with our own eyes… but I had to catch my breath right before I went to bed that night, because I really believe that my baby is among the most breathtakingly beautiful things that I have ever seen.


So now tonight, it’s time for all of us to sleep.  Mason has a headstart on us.  And Ruby spent most of the evening catching z’s in our bed while Mark and I hung out in the living room.  So goodnight to everyone.  Or good morning or afternoon, depending on when you read this.

And a couple more sweet pictures from today, just because.



….ps…. it blows my mind, that tomorrow, Mason will be SEVEN MONTHS OLD!

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  1. awww!

  2. What a lovely blog….seven months old! And Happy Anniversary…we had such fun at your wedding. Great pics of your family with Mason!

  3. Mom and Dad Watson

    Mason’s Great Grandma Gable loves seeing pictures of Mason sleeping soundly under the blanket she made for him. 🙂 The picture of Mason watching Natalie pointing at the camera then Mason smiling at the camera is wonderful. What buddies. Glad you had a fun anniversary celebration and Mason let you watch your movie. Love from both of us. Linda


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