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Sunday Funday

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Sunday Funday.

Unfortunately Elaine has missed out on part of  the day- Work is never a fun thing; especially when the weather is nice and housework can be ignored.

After Mason work up from his morning nap we went to Willowglen Park for Luke’s 3rd birthday part (Nicole & Bret’s son’s). The party was a hit and as a bonus Mason got his first tie dye as a party favor. He is a lucky dude and will proudly wear the tie dye as a true California hippie kid.

After the birthday party we decided to go to Hendry’s Beach for a stroll. Unfortunately most of Santa Barbara decided to do the same thing and it forced us to drive across the street for a parking spot. However as soon as I hit the sand I quickly forgot about the parking issue and small crowds of people. Mason had fun looking out from his carrier to the ocean and staring at the waves coming in and about mid way fell asleep. I continued walking, breathing, and kept an eye out for sea life- not much to report back other than a jellyfish that washed up on the shore.

I needed that time. Some quiet, sun, waves, toes in the sand, and just me time. Work has been pretty bad over the last two weeks and a beach walk really helped me slow down and breath.

While we were there we snapped some photos…

Once we got home the afternoon was filled with sweet potatoes, belly time, toys, some bouncing, and now nap time. Vegan enchiladas is on the menu for tonight- wish me luck!

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  1. Love that Daddy Mason beach time!

  2. Bob and Linda

    Glad you had some time to yourself with a cooperative Mason, Mark. The beach does that for you.

    And Luke is 3. That sounds so grown up. Seeing Mason sit up seems grown up too. Can’t wait to see you all. Going to Rochester next weekend, then Dad goes fishing and I get to fly! Love, Mom

  3. yay for walks on the beach to clear the head and remember your soul. curl more sand between your toes for me next time. 🙂


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