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Geocaching on a Saturday Morning

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We had a mini Santa Barbara adventure last Saturday, that I’ve been meaning to write about all week!

Have you ever heard of Geocaching?  I’ve been wanting to try this out for months, ever since I first read about it on another blog, and we finally decided to make a morning out of it.  Geocaching is basically a world-wide scavenger hunt.  The hidden objects are called “caches”.  And except for the mini ones, they’re boxes that people have put little trinkets inside and hidden in varying degrees of difficulty in terrain and findability.  If you take something from the box, you have to leave something also.  We hunted for a cache in Elings Park with a difficulty rating of 2 out of 5.  The search took us on a great, scenic little hike through the park, and landed me with a cracker jacks prize type ring.  There are dozens hidden in Santa Barbara, and more all over the world.  The blogger that I first heard about this from said that her family tries to do them on vacations, as a totally unique way to explore a different side of a new city.  You should absolutely look it up!  And please tell us if you do one!

It was a gorgeous day, and we rounded out the hike through the park by crashing a soccer game on the lower fields, and treating ourselves to a mango on a stick, sprinkled lemon juice, salt and chili powder.

Mason cruised along in the Ergo, snoozed for a bit on our walk, and woke up near the end to enjoy a bit of mango, sans chile of course.


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  1. Fun! I totally did this one time with a lady from my soccer team. We wandered around with her daughter. Couldn’t find the first one, and then took forever finding the second. It wasn’t as exciting as yours looks to be! Mine was just a little slip of paper rolled up in a tiny little tube thing. Might be something to try here in Nashville! 🙂
    Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Bob and Linda

    What a fun way to spend part of a day. See the site and get a prize. Kind of like finding morel mushrooms. I see you three in 18 days! Happy Mother’s Day Elaine. Love, Linda/Mom


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