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We can now officially see the very tip of a new top tooth breaking the surface of our little one’s sore little gums.  One more tooth to add to the set, along with more realistic hopes of decent sleep in the not too far future.

He’s much more protective of this one.  It was no problem to pull his bottom lip down while the last two were coming in and take a peek.  This time Mason purses his lips whenever we try and peer in at that new top tooth.  And NO ONE is getting in there!

And a mobility update… Mason is not crawling… and I have zero predictions for when it will actually happen… but he is scooting a bit.  Usually backwards.  And he rotates like a champion.  And he’s just started figuring out in these past few weeks that his hands are part of this process of moving himself at will.  He’s using them more to lift and reposition himself, and plants them far out in front of him in the direction of some toy or ahem, iphone… that he’s hoping to get to.  He just hasn’t figured out how to add his knees into the equation.  And alas, his little arms are not strong enough to propel the rest of him forward without some help!

And I LOVE this… Mason’s hair is growing more every week… and most of it is distributed along the middle of his head 😉  Our child is growing a tiny mohawk.  It’s pretty adorable and hilarious, simultaneously.

As always… the days are long and the weeks are short.  In good ways and in tiresome ways.  This guy is almost 8 months.  He’s three quarters of the way to his first birthday.  I can hardly even believe it.  It really is all going to happen in the blink of an eye isn’t it?

I remember buying a couple 12 month outfits back before he was even born, just for kicks, because I knew we already had a ton of smaller baby clothes.  I bought them, and tucked them away in a bottom drawer.  12 months seemed so far away then.  It hasn’t been 12 months yet… but he’s definitely already in most of those clothes.  It’s sneaks up on you.

Look at this cutie!

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  1. Jo & Jack Watson

    We’re with you, Elaine. Time flies. But when you see that great photo of Mason with the open-mouth BIG smile you know he has many months under his belt. What a nice guy! And what an appealing update. G’pa & G’ma W

  2. Bob and Linda

    That last picture is a real keeper. I could just grab him up into my arms. See you in less than a week. And feeling so good about Grandma too. Love, Linda/Mom


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