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What I Look At & Shrimp Lessons

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In a previous blog post we highlighted a few things that Mason loves to look at ie: ceiling fans and our dog Ruby. The new list still includes his favorites from before but you should know, just like Mason, the list it has grown.

We’ve learned that Mason loves looking with Elaine’s black hair tie, her daily journal, his reflection in the mirror, food, and trains. Trains, trains, trains!

For those that haven’t been to our house, there are train tracks on the other side of our street and the rails are constantly used for freight and Amtrak. Speaking for myself, they come so often that they are almost back ground noise. However whenever Mason hears one his head whips around and he watches it disappear through our window. What’s funny is that he does it with no expression- not scared, not happy, not surprised, and not sad- just one blank stare. Once the train has left, he quietly resumes his activity.

Food is also a big watching game. Over the past few weeks Mason has stepped up his eating and now has covered peas, carrots, butter nut squash, and green beans. We’ve had fun making his food and for the most part he’s enjoyed eating it. Sweet potato still tops the list but the new combo of red potatoes and carrots is a winner too. But this post isn’t about Mason’s diet, it is about him watching us eat. He now starts to get a little fussy if he isn’t eating when we are. Family meals are going strong in our house right now.

Mason has some great eyes and he is soaking up our world.


A couple weeks ago Mason started a once a week swimming lesson at the YMCA. His beginner class is entitled Shrimp/Kipper. For me shrimp is more fun because I had no idea what a kipper was until I googled it. I think we were both a little nervous about the class because Mason barely likes his 5 minute bath and we didn’t know how his skin would do in the chlorine. Our worries were met with baby smiles, laughs, and giggles. He loves it and it is fun to see him have fun in the water as we sing songs and float him as he kicks and paddles down the length of the pool. It’s crazy how instinctual the swimming motions are for babies and how I have a hard time trying to float… but that’s another story.

Unfortunately they don’t allow us to take photos (privacy) but we did get this one in the locker room.


Here is a slideshow of some more photos from the last week… enjoy and thanks for reading!

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  1. Bob and Linda

    Where do I start with how cute those pictures are! Looking up at the camera with Mark, in his swim diapers, getting licked by Ruby, seeing those two little bottom teeth……. Makes me want to come visit. I think I will! Benjamin is getting so big too! See you Wed. Love, Mom/Linda

    • LOVE seeing Mason’s world through your eyes, Mark. He has the cutest two bottom teeth! I bet he will have a ball with Grandma Linda. Love you all and see you in July. Aunt Bee


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