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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Where does the time go?

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Getting to a computer to write a blog entry has been a challenge in June. Not that I need an excuse but we’ve had company and my job is currently requiring me to write part of a grant so the last thing I do when I get home is type on the computer. There- now that’s off my chest and we can get down to business.

In early June Mason turned 8 months… 8 months! I can’t believe how times is going so quickly. He is growing at an incredible pace and everyday I feel like he is learning more about the world and how to move in it. No crawling yet, but he is getting closer. Last night he scooted across our dining room table on his but and today he figured out how to sit up from a laying down position. Imagine my surprise when I walked into his room after his nap to see him sitting there with a GIANT grin on his face. I immediately went to get Elaine to see if she had sat him up and to get a witness to this new stage. Wow!

Standing has also been the new craze. In the last couple days he has learned how to grab our fingers and pull himself up onto his feet. He can’t do much after that, but I caught him trying to stand up by grabbing our couch. My guess is a couple days until he is doing it on his own. Things are happening quick!

Here are some photos of our life recently… The first couple are from my mom’s visit to CA, Olvera Street, Orange, swimming pools, and SB times. We had a great time while she was out here- great food, fun road-trips, and lots of Mason time!


Here some recent photos of our floor/toy time…


Two photos from a dinner party last week. Juliana is holding Mason and his good friend Brooklyn


Wrapping up this post are two photos from this afternoon when Mason was playing in his crib. Thanks for reading and have a good day!