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Morning Play Time

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Elaine was out late last night so Mason and I had a play date this morning on the floor. He was in a great mood, at least for part of the two hours, so I decided to capture a few of our moments for the blog. The photos took place over a couple of minutes but they give you a snapshot of our morning together.

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Moments like these happen almost everyday and this was my opportunity to soak one in. It’s scary that they go so quickly. I was looking at one of our older posts and Mason was a baby-baby. Now he is a crawling, squirmy, toothy, food eating, iPhone jealous kid. Sometimes when it’s just the two of us I get so focused on what is happening next or counting down to when Elaine comes home or when we can go for a walk to get out of the house. Elaine does a great job of being present for Mason and herself and living in those moments. My goal is to be more present, more moment focused, and celebrate these morning play dates. They go quick too. Enjoy, Mark


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  1. Bob and Linda

    Oh, you got some precious shots Mark. It’s almost like he was posing for the one of you both in the sun. I know how fast the time goes. Who would have thought that my December, 1975 and August, 1979 babies would be dads and I’d be a grandma in such a short time. Love, Mom


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