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So Much To Report, but…

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There’s so much we still haven’t written about! The rest of our Midwest trip (we have SO many photos!), recent picnics, upcoming trips… But for today… This gorgeous day… We’re on our way to Santa Barbara’s Greek festival!
And Mason… Is refusing to wear his hat.



Hope your days are all as sunny and lively as this one!



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  1. He’s so cute even when he won’t wear his hat! I think his face is changing a bit from looking like a baby to looking like a little boy…changes, always changes! love you all!!!

  2. Bob and Linda Watson

    I was thinking the same thing about Mason starting to look more like a toddler than a baby. I love it that you captured the moment in that series, Elaine, even though there were many before it that have gotten ahead of you. A toddler doesn’t give much time for yourself, so thanks for giving us that great series of ‘no hat!’. Hope the festival was fun. Linda

  3. maybe i’ll wear a hat on our little roadtrip south and he’ll see how cool hats can be 🙂


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