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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Photo Booth Fun

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This morning we had fun with the Photo Booth program on a Mac that I am trying out. Thought I’d share a few of the photos from our experiment. Some of the photos look a little creepy but we had a good time and learned how photogenic we really are 🙂

Crooked Noses

Bug Eyes!






Family of Chipmunks






Four Regular Shots


Couch Walking & Playground!

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Hi everyone- wanted to give you a quick update on life and a few photos.

Mason has been crawling now for almost two months and has become a pro. He goes from room to room, follows Ruby for fun, and scoots around until he can crawl no more and has to lay down. His floor snuggles are very cute but it doesn’t compare to his tired cuddles or random nuzzles. I bring the crawling up because he is getting more and more comfortable with his couch walking and wall moving. It won’t be long until it will be no-hands movement. Crazy!


Today we met our friends Chris, Kelly & River down in Carpinteria for some over-priced pizza and playground fun. There is a really nice kids park near the beach with slides, statues, and the bouncy foam-floor. Mason went on his first assisted slide today and then went on it a few more times as we held his hands. We also got to check out a little book store in town with a fun train set. Here are some more photos.




Zoo Visit

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We made a visit to the zoo this weekend, and it’s SO much more fun when your own little baby is discovering animals for the first time!
With a picnic lunch, lots of waving at surrounding kiddos, and strolls amongst lions and giraffes, it was a blast of a Saturday afternoon.
Hands down… His favorite animals were the penguins. His little fingers had to be pried away from the bars as we tried to leave, Mason still peering down into their pool as they spiraled through the water.







And as soon as we got home…


Blogging is a little tough now..

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Hi everyone,
It’s been a while, too long in fact. I think blogging has gotten a little more challenging lately. Mason is crawling like a pro now and loves exploring our apartment and our backyard. We are needing to supervise him constantly as he tries to eat everything. Paper, leaves, sticks, rocks, plastic, nerf footballs… it all goes into his mouth and we get to try to sweep it out.

The good news is that he still loves food. We haven’t found a food, spice, or texture that he doesn’t like. His current food is lightly puréed zucchini, kale, and spinach with coriander, marjoram, and flax oil. It’s been a lot of fun making his food and watching him enjoy it.

Besides food, Mason’s favorite things include: Ruby, his blanket, watching the train outside our house, listening to music, dancing with his mom, playing with books, and tapping the wind chimes on our back patio. His dislikes right now are diaper changes, opening his mouth so we can get foreign items out, and having the door shut while he is trying to go outside. I can live with this list but can’t wait for the ‘put everything in the mouth’ stage to come to an end.

On top of keeping an eye on Mason at all times, my computer died recently so my options are to type blog posts on my phone or on Elaine’s computer which is only a couple inches bigger. (since this was originally posted she had me measure and her computer is equal to 4 of my phones). My hope is to get a new computer in a couple weeks- so not blogging won’t be an excuse anymore.

Here are a few photos from the past couple days. Enjoy and have a good day