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Blogging is a little tough now..

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Hi everyone,
It’s been a while, too long in fact. I think blogging has gotten a little more challenging lately. Mason is crawling like a pro now and loves exploring our apartment and our backyard. We are needing to supervise him constantly as he tries to eat everything. Paper, leaves, sticks, rocks, plastic, nerf footballs… it all goes into his mouth and we get to try to sweep it out.

The good news is that he still loves food. We haven’t found a food, spice, or texture that he doesn’t like. His current food is lightly puréed zucchini, kale, and spinach with coriander, marjoram, and flax oil. It’s been a lot of fun making his food and watching him enjoy it.

Besides food, Mason’s favorite things include: Ruby, his blanket, watching the train outside our house, listening to music, dancing with his mom, playing with books, and tapping the wind chimes on our back patio. His dislikes right now are diaper changes, opening his mouth so we can get foreign items out, and having the door shut while he is trying to go outside. I can live with this list but can’t wait for the ‘put everything in the mouth’ stage to come to an end.

On top of keeping an eye on Mason at all times, my computer died recently so my options are to type blog posts on my phone or on Elaine’s computer which is only a couple inches bigger. (since this was originally posted she had me measure and her computer is equal to 4 of my phones). My hope is to get a new computer in a couple weeks- so not blogging won’t be an excuse anymore.

Here are a few photos from the past couple days. Enjoy and have a good day






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  1. Hey there ! Sorry about your computer..and we all a remember how life changes when our babies became “flight risks”! We LOVED seeing you all this summer and meeting Mason…sheesh, he’s just a joy! It was a wild and crazy time with all the little ones, and trying to get them to sleep…but we got to see you in person and we have pictures to prove it. 🙂 love to all..Deb

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    Every little bug or piece of lint. You did it too and survived! I can hear Mason’s protests when you pry open his mouth. His latest meal sounds yummy and not something found in a Gerber’s babyfood jar, that is for sure.

    Thanks for the pictures. We’ll call you this weekend for your birthday. Nice to have it on a Sunday! Love, Mom


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