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Couch Walking & Playground!

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Hi everyone- wanted to give you a quick update on life and a few photos.

Mason has been crawling now for almost two months and has become a pro. He goes from room to room, follows Ruby for fun, and scoots around until he can crawl no more and has to lay down. His floor snuggles are very cute but it doesn’t compare to his tired cuddles or random nuzzles. I bring the crawling up because he is getting more and more comfortable with his couch walking and wall moving. It won’t be long until it will be no-hands movement. Crazy!


Today we met our friends Chris, Kelly & River down in Carpinteria for some over-priced pizza and playground fun. There is a really nice kids park near the beach with slides, statues, and the bouncy foam-floor. Mason went on his first assisted slide today and then went on it a few more times as we held his hands. We also got to check out a little book store in town with a fun train set. Here are some more photos.





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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Mason is looking and acting like such a big boy now. No baby left in him! He might be walking when we come in October. I’m glad we got to see him crawl at least. We’ll call you today Mark to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to you. Love, Mom

  2. You cracked me up when you had to comment on the overpriced pizza! You must be related to Gary and Jake…they would have said the same thing!!

    • Ha! We got a little pizza at this place and it cost us $25! It was a little jab at the restaurant for charging us an arm and a leg for gluten free crust. It will make us laugh when we read the blog in the future, but in the moment our jaws were on the floor.

  3. Elaine, did you get your haircut? It looks adorable in the picture. I swear, you are the MOST photogenic family I have ever seen!!


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