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A Day in the Life of an Almost One Year Old

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Back in April Elaine and I had an idea of taking a photo of Mason every hour of during his day and posting it to the blog.  It was fun project and we decided to make it a tradition and continue it on a six months basis.

Crazy enough, it’s that time again and here are the photos from our day, Sunday, September 30th.

Our day of an almost 1 year old started at 7:45am and was filled with playtime, walks, meeting Elaine for lunch, naps, eating, and periods of shuffling feet. It ended a little early at 6:45pm and hopefully is filled with sweet dreams.

Incase you missed the six month blog post or want to compare the two here is  the link. I suggest that you check it out… it is unbelievable to see how big and independent he has gotten in only six months.


Wake up at 7:45am and time to play


Breakfast time 8:45am (oatmeal, grapes, water, & cereal puffs)


Playing with Ruby and practicing walking at 9:45am


Nap Time! 10:45am


One of many diaper changes of the day (11:45am)


Lots of books to read today 12:45pm


Meeting Mom during her lunch break! 1:45pm


Back home for a nap at 2:45pm. Unfortunately Mason never fell asleep but he did rest and play in his crib for about 45 minutes. Nice to have a little break and watch a little football


Mason and I started a walk up on the Mesa along Shoreline (3:45pm)


Still out on our walk but taking a peek-a-boo break in the grass on SBCC campus (4:45pm)

6:45pm & Mason had just fallen asleep. I think we were both worn out from a busy day

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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Thanks for the earlier link. My what a difference 6 mo makes. Fun to see such a happy, active kid. We are packing! See you soon. Love, Mom

  2. Love this little almost one year old. Please let him know I’d like a Skype/ FaceTime chat soon…would like to wish him a happy birthday face to face 🙂
    Thanks for posting this, Mark! Looks like a fabulously fun day!


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