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A Lot Can Change In A Year

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If a photograph says a thousand words, what does a video say?

I’ve been looking through some old photos and videos and thought it would be fun to show two videos from exactly one year a part. Its turned out to be a fun little project with some pretty significant developmental skills being displayed. What you’ll see is that a lot can change in a year, especially that first year.

So here it is… the first video was shot on November 18th, 2011 and it captures the developing skill of tummy time and as you’ll see it is somewhat successful and then Mason slowly falls to the left. Even though he has changed so much, I remember taking this one like it was only yesterday.

One Year Ago from Elaine Watson on Vimeo.

Our latest video was filmed on November 18th, 2012 and features Mason’s love of food, his immediate frustration of not getting the carrot on his fork, and the pure joy of eating (almost) without assistance. As all successes should be marked, this video ends with a couple of high fives and smiles.

Mason Eating 11/18/12 from Elaine Watson on Vimeo.

My favorite moments in that video are at 17 seconds and 30 Mason is a very expressive kid (see above video at 17, 30, and 53 seconds) and this next one shows more of those qualities. You’ll see that he’s recently figured out how to manipulate his eyebrows to give them most dramatic expressions. It starts out with his “Oooooo” face from our choo-choo train conversation and then he decides to try to climb into his little chair without help. He figures it out and you’ll get to see his excitement of being a ‘rockin baby’. He’s a cool kid.

Rockin Baby from Elaine Watson on Vimeo.


The Back Patio & One Year Appt

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Day or night, hot or cold, since we brought Mason home he has always loved going outside. Even amidst his deepest cries going outside almost immediately calms him. His eyes clear and usually he points us in a direction that he wants to explore. We were a little anxious during our cold weather adventures, but Elaine and I learned that even looking outside has a soothing affect for Mason.
Elaine and I have our theories of why he loves the outdoors, but I wish we could ask him¬†why he loves it so much. It could be the feeling of openness and not being confines by walls. It also could be that he can hear and feel the breeze. Or that he gets to see the trees, birds, and help water the plants. He also my love to feel sunshine and getting his hands in the dirt. For now it’s a guessing game, but it won’t be long until we get to see things through his eyes.

Here are some photos from our outside time yesterday.

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Here are a couple indoor shots from the last two days.
















Last Monday Mason had his One Year doctor’s appointment and we got to tag along too. Other than the food allergies he is a healthy and happy baby. I don’t remember all of the measurements, but our baby is 24.4 lbs and 30 inches tall. Crazy!
Our only new directions to add to our daily routine are brushing his teeth. This might be too much information, but Elaine and I have a hard enough time remembering to brush our own teeth twice a day and now it will get a little more challenging with an added person. Twice a day will be the goal for the family and who knows maybe he will like it!

Here is a quick photo from his One Year appointment.

It Does Rain in Seattle

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Seattle. It rains in Seattle. To be honest it didn’t captivate me the way that Portland or Bend drew me in but Seattle did grow on me… it just took a couple of days.
One reason it started off on a sour note was that our hotel, the Maqueen, was a little odd and uncomfortable. It is hard to capture, but after booking the hotel a couple months ago I learned that it was allegedly haunted. Learning this turned my stomach a little but when i talked it over with Elaine we didn’t think it would bother us significantly. Well we were wrong…

It is hard to describe, but our odd feelings about the hotel left an impression that neither of us wanted to be alone in the room or walk down the long empty hallways at night. Creepy is the best word to describe the feeling. I could write a lot more about the hotel and our gut feelings about the hotel, but the short end of the story is that we checked out two nights early and left as soon as we woke up the next morning. All was better the next day as soon as we got a new hotel in the University District.

Once we could breathe a little easier went into Seattle burrows and found some good vegan food, great views of the city, and explored the famous Pike Market.


We also took a ferry to a nearby island and visited the small town of Vashon.

Now it didn’t rain every minute of every day but we always prepared with our thrift store umbrellas and jackets. Much like in Portland, the rain didn’t inhibit any of our plans but our shoes did get wet and spirits sometimes dampened. On one long walk through the rain we walked all around the Fremont District, an artsy community with good food. We were able to find the center of the universe, a huge troll under the bridge, a quick geocache, and found some beautiful leaves. This was a fun part of town to get lost in and see some cool neighborhoods, houses, and shops.



To celebrate our last night in Seattle and of our vacation we went to a highly rated, yet affordable, restaurant for an early dinner. We had gotten recommendations to go to the Tilth Restaurant from friends and our hope was to enjoy our Market Tasting course and get in and out of without making much disturbance. All was going well in the three course meal until Mason started grunting his little face trying to get some stuff moving. To be a little more blunt, he was pooping in the middle of a national Top 50 rated restaurant… a top 50 establishment that of course had no changing table in the bathroom because who would bring a baby to it?

As the main course was served we realized that this was not your normal poop. It was a doozie and one for the record book. (Sorry if that is too much information) I later changed his diaper in the front seat of our rental car with my nose plugged and of course a light rain on my back. Fun

We flew home the next day and it was one of the easiest flights ever. Mason fell asleep on his own just as we were taxing to the runway, awoke mid flight, and made a lot of friends on the airplane.

Overall the trip was amazing. We saw so much, learned a lot about the area and ourselves, saw good friends, and ate some great food. It was also so much fun to spend so much time together and watch Mason grow before our eyes. During the trip alone he became a much more experiences walker, got a lot better with his dada and mamamama, is now a restaurant seasoned child, and now points with his finger at items instead of his whole hand. Crazy how quick it happens… Here are a few more shots from the trip to close out our vacation. Enjoy!