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The Back Patio & One Year Appt

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Day or night, hot or cold, since we brought Mason home he has always loved going outside. Even amidst his deepest cries going outside almost immediately calms him. His eyes clear and usually he points us in a direction that he wants to explore. We were a little anxious during our cold weather adventures, but Elaine and I learned that even looking outside has a soothing affect for Mason.
Elaine and I have our theories of why he loves the outdoors, but I wish we could ask him why he loves it so much. It could be the feeling of openness and not being confines by walls. It also could be that he can hear and feel the breeze. Or that he gets to see the trees, birds, and help water the plants. He also my love to feel sunshine and getting his hands in the dirt. For now it’s a guessing game, but it won’t be long until we get to see things through his eyes.

Here are some photos from our outside time yesterday.

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Here are a couple indoor shots from the last two days.
















Last Monday Mason had his One Year doctor’s appointment and we got to tag along too. Other than the food allergies he is a healthy and happy baby. I don’t remember all of the measurements, but our baby is 24.4 lbs and 30 inches tall. Crazy!
Our only new directions to add to our daily routine are brushing his teeth. This might be too much information, but Elaine and I have a hard enough time remembering to brush our own teeth twice a day and now it will get a little more challenging with an added person. Twice a day will be the goal for the family and who knows maybe he will like it!

Here is a quick photo from his One Year appointment.


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  1. Jo & Jack Watson

    Thanks for the 1-yr appt update. Interesting info and photos. Nice to see the changes in Mason from photo sequence to photo sequence. Appreciate good communication!

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    What sweet, sweet pictures of Mason and Ruby. You caught some very good ones. They look so loving together. (ok, sweet of Mason and Elaine too 🙂

    Aren’t you glad you have the walled in back yard for your ‘outdoor’ boy? He is happy out there. Love his floppy socks! Miss you all. Mom


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