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I’ve had this idea about a Mason Q&A for a couple weeks and I’m excited to cross it off my list and post it.

Here is the set up… Elaine and I came up with a series of questions about Mason and parenting.  We then answered the questions in private and will post both of our responses.  It will be interesting to see how they compare, differ, and offer our own unique perspective.

Eventually this will be something that we can all do as a family, but right now we need to wait a little while since he can only say a couple of words.

1) What are three of Mason’s favorite things?
(mark) Ruby, his ma-ma-ma, iPhones/iPods
(elaine) Ruby, Books 🙂 & Apple products, iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc… Of which he does not get to play with, but somehow feels strongly entitled to. (But also shiny crunchy red apples of the fruit variety)

2) What are two of Mason’s favorite activities?
(mark) Going for walks outside & putting random items in his mouth and trying to eat them
(elaine)Climbing.  Up and down steps, And he’s recently figured out how to climb onto the chairs and the sofa and the ottoman in the living room. One of his new favorite things to do is to climb on top of any given piece of furniture, look over at us triumphantly, and then proceed to either bounce, drop something over the back of the furniture, or toss all the pillows off the couch.

Being outside. In the backyard, at the park, he even likes stroller ridin’ down the street, although I’m fairly certain he prefers to roam free.

3) Where is Mason if you can’t find him?
(mark) In the bathroom playing with the toilet
(elaine) If the back door is open, he’s probably in the yard, shoving various plant objects into his mouth, or splashing in puddles. If the doors are shut… He’s found Ruby’s water dish and is quietly scattering her food and overturning her water dish.

4) Choose only one of Mason’s favorite food
(mark) Tofu
(elaine) Raspberries

5) If Mason was granted one gift from a genie, what would it be?
(mark) No more eczema and food allergies
(elaine) The ability to float objects to himself, just by pointing.  (With no interference from mom and dad please.)

6) Describe a recent favorite moment
(mark) A couple nights ago Elaine told me that Mason has learned how to curl his fingers in ‘come over here’ motion and he will give her a hug or cuddle. Last night I was feeding Mason in his high chair and he gave me the motion and scrunched up his little face. I got a little sentimental and lowered my head only to receive a burp in my face
(elaine) Yesterday morning, Mark called me into the living room to catch Mason, who had escaped from him during a diaper change, and was sitting bare bottomed in the corner of the living room, playing with the radio and dancing.  Nothing is cuter, than a half naked dancing baby!

7) Using seven words, how would you describe Mason?
(mark) Curious, loving, creative, flirty, adventurous, friendly & expressive
(elaine) Full of smiles, opinionated, experimental & loves affection

8) What are two surprises about parenting?
(mark) 1. How quickly he changes. Mason jumps from one developmental stage to the next almost overnight. He is such a sponge and it amazes me how quickly he figures out little life puzzles, like how to climb onto the furniture without help or eating without assistance. I joke with Elaine, but he’s no longer a baby… he’s a toddler.

2. This is a random one, but I didn’t know that I would have a hard time falling back to sleep after helping Mason in the middle of the night. I guess I just thought that sleep wouldn’t be an issue as I would go from helping to sleeping immediately. What I’ve found is that my mind starts to wonder about work, my to-do list, and projects and it takes a little while to quiet it. It’s better than before but it came as a big surprise.
(elaine) 1. I shouldn’t be at this point… But I am utterly surprised each and every time I get emotional and teary over how fast he is growing! I broke down in tears just yesterday because we’re now down to just one nursing before he goes to bed… And I know it will be over soon… and it’s just a big big sign of his waning babyhood. :-‘(

I cried when he first moved into his own crib at 3 months old because it suddenly occurred to me that in the blink of an eye, he would be grown and moving out of the house! I get hopelessly sentimental every time we scroll back through his newborn photos. There’s a quote I read several months ago by Elizabeth Stone that says, “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  This is the best way that I’ve seen to describe such an indescribable attachment, and the immense desire I have to soak up each stage and change and just eat up every moment.  And how devestating it sometimes feels to think that one day I might not remember exactly how he would throw his head back and wail when he doesn’t get what he wants, or how he will curl his lips around his open mouth when he says, “Oh!” or crinkle his nose at me before he comes barreling in to crash into a hug. Oh, the time passes so achingly fast!

2. I think another (among the many) surprise about parenting is how much of a teacher you must become. I mean, I guess it should seem obvious that babies come into this world and need to learn how to function in it… But I don’t think I really grasped it before.  We’ve had to exaggerate chewing motions in order to try and demonstrate eating to him, to show him how to swing his feet around to climb down from the couch instead of just walking or diving off of it. We’ve had to create opportunities for him to put his own arm into his coat sleeve, and we’re still trying to figure out how to get him to understand that dirt and leaves and wood chips from outside are not edibles!  I mean, you know about potty training, and teaching your kid to ride a bike someday, and teaching them manners and talking to them about ethical situations and all that… But all the tiny bits of teaching and learning that must come before… And all the things you don’t realize you’re teaching! Like the way you tilt your head to the side and smile when you’re asking for something… Or when he snags a tissue out of the box and imitates the sound of blowing his nose.  It blows my mind!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little Q&A and Happy December!IMG_4612


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  1. this is fantastic. thanks so much for sharing with those of us who can’t always be around to witness the little things, let alone the momentous occasions. you’re both absolutely incredible parents; mason (and ruby) are so lucky to have you! love.

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    What a wonderful read to start my Sunday off. Thanks for sharing so many things that I can just ‘see’ happening around your house. From the look of the last picture, you found a Christmas tree? We didn’t go out. It was too foggy and dank. Good luck ‘teaching’ Mason to leave the ornaments alone. I know people who put their tree in a playpen and others that only decorate the top half. Have fun and thanks. Love, Mom/Grandma


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