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Mason and I had fun today and part of included making noises while he was on the rocking chair, his new favorite perch.

Sorry the video is a little long, but in it you’ll see Mason performing a long and spontaneous chorus “pffffffft” sounds, puppy sniffing and howling,  choo-choos, a confused answer about his mom, some “yuck” noises, and he will even show you his belly button before he waves bye-bye. It’s really a win-win video!

And to be clear, I know that standing up on the rocking chair is not recommended or safe. In fact it is against the rules of being on the chair. Thankfully he caught himself near the end and we’ll work to follow the rules of the chair 100% of the time in the future. With that said I am happy that I got the classic surprised face on film



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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    How fun to wake up to Mason noises. I’ll be sorry when he doesn’t do that questioning ‘uh?’ to you any more. I love that unique sound of his. The video was almost like a Skype. Thanks.

    Went to bed with Olivia, Zach and Madeline noises in my head after a fun Christmas with them. Mom

  2. precious lil mason face 🙂


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