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Today is day one of our Hawaii vacation, which means a 6 hour flight from LAX to Hawaii. It used to be 6 hours to read, watch an average movie, listen to music, and day dream. Now it is six hours of a squiggly baby. I’ll compare it to giving Ruby a 6 hour bath. Lots of motion, squealing, some defeat but lots of squirming. Thankfully Mason is a good and patient traveler.

Funny thing about this flight is that American Airlines messed up on Mason’s name. He is now Manson as his boarding pass reads. Minor oops on their part but it is interesting how one extra letter in his name gives him a brand new personality.

For the first 90 mins of the flight Manson, I mean Mason, was bouncing up and down, making flirting laughs at strangers until they looked at him, and shuffling and stacking all of the magazines and safety cards on his tray table. Thankful we have the whole row to ourselves so Mason can play and more importantly nap.

Towards the end of the flight we hit some turbulence. A lot of the passengers gasped at the sudden drops and shakes, but Mason started laughing and smiling. After a few more shakes he let out more giggles and giant smiles. Our little daredevil likes twists and turns.

Here is to day one of our vacation! You will more than likely get updates and photos along the way but so far so great- we have a napping baby, an uninteresting movie, and the our toes are almost in the sand.




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  1. woo woo! having an aisle to yourself is so key, hope you luck out on the way back as well. have sooo much fun in Hawaii!!


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