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The View From My Perch

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On top of the regular weekend responsibilities, such as going to the grocery store, cleaning the house, walking the dog, and doing laundry, the last couple days have been filled with a number of extras- walking with friends, seeing Ken & Ida in Ventura, and attending a party called Meat-a-polooza. Each one was great and fun, but this morning I realized how much I love mornings at home with Mason and how much I needed some time to think.

This is particularly true in reflecting on the past week. To no fault of his own, Mason quickly turned into an angry bear. It started with a 102.5 degree fever, more extreme teething, and continued with irregular sleep, odd nap times/lengths, and not happy mealtimes. This drastic change in routine threw everything and everybody into a wonky pattern and in turn put me into survival mode and not my best self- guess you could say I was an angry bear too.

The good news is that the fever only lasted through the night and the doctor confirmed that he has two teeth remaining until his full set is out. The storm is passing…

This morning as Mason played, I sat at our table and ate half of my whole wheat donut and slowly sipped my hot coffee. I finally felt like myself again, the fog had lifted, the list of things that needed to be done had disappeared, food tasted good, and we were having fun again. It’s amazing how quickly the swift can happen and how much of a relief it immediately brings.

The switch also allowed me to sit at my perch and watch his play unfold. To paint a picture, I sat at the table and watched Mason play in our living room. He would dramatically run and crash into our chairs, climb up onto the couch only to throw pillows to the floor, search for Ruby and cuddle with her, play with a random toy, put on bracelets, run over to me to get more oatmeal, play peek-a-boo with his blanket, and curl up in the dog bed.

The extended moment may have lasted 10 minutes, but it allowed me to reflect and see that the survival mode that I was in was not a healthy place to live. For starters it made my fuse way too short, but it also made me lose sight of the big picture and get stuck in “please just get me through this moment”.

It’s nice to have the reflection. It is a breather from the day and now it is nice to jump back into the fun.

Here are some photos….. (#1 cuddle time with Ruby, #2 Happy (belated) Birthday to Ruby aka Lady Mama Rooba Beagle, and #3 the game of crashing onto his blanketIMG_4998



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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Lack of sleep and a cranky kid throws everyone off. Glad he, so you, are better. Love the snuggle time one. Ruby looks more tolerating than snuggling 🙂 Love, Mom


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