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Denim makes a difference

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Mason rarely wears denim. (It’s the truth- look at all of his photos) It’s not because either Elaine or I are against denim, but because his cloth pants are usually easy, colorful, and seem comfortable.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a laundry pinch so I pulled out a pair of denim pants that were a little too big. Once I put them on him I had to do a double take. Not only did they fit him pretty well but they immediately made him look so much older. Crazy what a bit of denim can do to a toddler… Here is a picture collage to mark the event. The large photo on the right is Mason’s new smiling face 🙂

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Many of my favorite photos got posted to the blog yesterday, but here is a photo from today’s activities…. finger-painting!


A Day In The Life (Part III)

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As promised the six month tradition of a photo an hour continues. I really look forward to these anniversaries and using these posts to capture moments that fly by so quickly. For the most part, this is a normal day in the life of Mason. I’ll outline the day with each photo, but in short our day involved sea stars, playing at the beach, a nice afternoon nap, and a birthday party. Life can’t get better.



Our day started at 7:30am. Mason was in a great mood and played with his stuffed animals and snuggled with his blanket for the longest time while I got this photo and started water for coffee.



After a big breakfast of an almond yogurt, an entire avocado, a piece of toast, and juice Mason wanted to read. His bedroom floor is usually covered with books to avoid repetition and adult and child boredom. At 8:30am Mason was doing a great job of looking at books while I cleaned up breakfast and was trying to eat something myself. His current book favorites include nursery rhymes, a book about kisses, and trains.



Mason doesn’t’ stop for much and as you can see by 9:30am we were doing a Mason original game that involved an Easter Egg hunt and hide-and-seek. For about 15 minutes he would spread the eggs around the floor, hide on the couch, pick up the eggs, throw the eggs, and hide. The game also involved a lot of running, climbing onto the couch, and laughing.



We got out of the house and by 10:30am we were on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). We had time to go adventuring and Mason was in charge of our path. It wasn’t a surprise that he led me to a huge grass lawn so he could run free. The cool thing about this lawn is that it was covered with little white flowers that looked like daises. Elaine and Mason pick a lot of little flowers and Mason was in flower heaven. He must have picked about a million, sniffed them, and then say “oh my”. We made our way to the lagoon, saw some ducks, and the adventure continued.



We were on campus to visit the marine biology department’s community laboratory, aquariums, and touch tanks. I just heard about the REEF lab and figured that Mason would enjoy seeing and touching the animals. We met our friends Chris, Kelly, and River at the lab and played there for almost an hour. Mason got to touch sea cucumbers, a sea hare, sea stars, and see lot of fish, sharks, and lobsters. It was a great exhibit and is literally feet away from the ocean- where we stayed for another 45 minutes.



12:30pm caught us at an awkward time. Mason just got done playing in the ocean was covered in sand, wet from head to toe, and feet covered in tar. We had just made it back to the car and I was changing his diaper. To be clear; yes he is in the trunk and yes a bag of dog food is acting as a pillow. We are practical and resourceful.



By 1:30 we were home and lunch was almost over. It included roasted root vegetables, lunch meat, an apple, a rice cake, and lots of water. I’d pushed his nap back further than I’d ever done and he was starting to crash. Nap time prep involved two books, a pacifier, and his blanket. Mason was nearly asleep by the time I laid him down.



Mason really earned his nap today and I’m so happy that he slept. Those naps are precious for the both of us. At 2:30pm during this photo I was watching a show on Netflix and had begun prepping for our next outing.


IMG_5320Here we are at 3:30pm. Mason had a great nap and both of us felt better after having some down time. You can’t tell by this photo, but he is awake and playing with his animals. He sometimes will play in his crib for 30 minutes while he is waking up but unfortunately we had to cut it short to attend a birthday party. After a quick bite to eat we were out the door to go celebrate.



My friend Meghan took this photo of us at 4:30pm while we were at the birthday party. You’ll see more photos, but we had a great time. Mason like a good party and this one had lot of toys and friendly kids.



Dinner time with Mason is alway a fun adventure. He barely touched his food tonight but thankfully there was a giant bowl of tortilla chips, some chicken, and a lot of friendly faces. At 5:30pm Mason is flirting away and keeping the conversation focused on him. Gotta love it.



Dinner was over but Mason was still in a great mood… so the party continues to 6:30pm. Here he is playing with the toys at the party’s house. He made friends of all ages, played really well independently, and gave hugs to everyone that walked by. Mason is a great kid filled with a warm, fun, and bubbly personality. All of these qualities were on display tonight.



The party was over but Mason kept going strong. Afterwards we hung out at Meghan’s house for a bit and I caught this photo of him on their couch. The color isn’t great but you can see his brain working… how can i get over there? What should I do next? Why do all the girls love me? All important questions. After playing with Meghan’s dog and cat we hit the road. Off to our home and then off to bed.


IMG_5336We were home at 8:30 and just in time to catch a last photo of the night. Ruby was very excited to see us and gave Mason a couple kisses as he got into his pjs. I laid him into his crib after reading two books and he hasn’t moved since. This sweet kid had full day!

What A Difference A Year Makes

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Today is Mason’s half birthday. Crazy to think about it, but he is 1 1/2 years old.

Elaine I were talking the other night about the long nights and quick years. It was a longer conversation but the lesson is as hard as it is easy. Time goes quick

“What day is it?”
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh
― A.A. Milne

To celebrate Mason’s big day I thought I’d showcase a few photos, some from one year ago (6 months old) and some from this week (18 months old). The difference is as astounding as the similarities.

Mason and I are also gearing up for the six month tradition of a photo an hour. I’m thinking that we will capture Saturday and I’ll probably get it posted on either Saturday night or Sunday. We have a few plans for Saturday so it should be fun.


IMG_2970 IMG_2911 IMG_2948 IMG_2959 IMG_2978 IMG_5185 IMG_5221 IMG_5244 IMG_5254 IMG_5256