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Training in Seattle

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I’ve been fortunate to have a number of work trainings recently. Most have been in the Santa Barbara area with a normal 8-5 timeframe, but right now I’m writing to you from the beautiful town of Seattle, WA.

No out of town training would be complete without my unofficial training buddies Elaine and Mason.

Unfortunately My schedule is booked for the next few days but we were able to fly in a little early and I was able to join in the fun too.

Seattle has been good to us so far. Yesterday we had a picnic at Volunteer
Park, walked around the downtown area, and carried Mason up and down the hills. Out of necessity we bought a little umbrella stroller and thankfully Mason enjoys getting pushed around in it.

Here are some photos of our fun day in the park in the sun.

On a final side note Seattle is a much better town when your hotel isn’t haunted. Look back in the blog for our creepy hotel… or you can google image “haunted Seattle MarQueen” A great, yet creepy photo of Mason crawling down the hallway is one of the top images.




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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    Kicking back in the grass looks like fun. Glad you could all go and find sun in Seattle too. Mom

  2. Mom and Dad Watson

    I just looked back at the Marqueen pictures. Yeah, spooky. Since I scrolled down to find them it was like going through memory lane. Pictures I had forgotten or looks that are no longer there from baby days. This blog is quite the detailed scrapbook and the pictures don’t fall out like in your old one Mark 🙂


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