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The three of us recently got home from a great vacation in the Midwest and New York. We were in Iowa to see family and to attend a beautiful wedding in Wisconsin. I was excited to show them around as it was Mason’s first trip to Decorah and Elaine’s first time in the Summer. We were able to go to most of the hot spots- Dunning Springs, Mabe’s, the Fish Hatchery, Phelp’s Park, and Doug Road. Elaine also got very excited to see lightning bugs for the first time.

IMG_6064 IMG_6136 IMG_6192




















The Midwest leg of the trip ended with a perfect weekend in Dodgeville, WI for Timm and Jane’s wedding. It was great to see family, play in the hotel pool, and attend the most personalized wedding I’ve ever seen- bride and groom brewed beer, decorations, homemade glasses made from wine bottles.. the list could go on.


IMG_6233 IMG_6284 IMG_6297





















Coming from a small town in Wisconsin, arriving in New York was an immediate culture shock.  We got into the airport terminal and people were to the left, right, up, and down… they were everywhere. We adjusted quickly and thus began our adventure of seeing great friends, big buildings, learning letters of the alphabet in subway cars, good food, sticky humidity, and great memories!


IMG_6331 IMG_6403 IMG_6501












All in all our trip included six states, three time zones, and tons of great memories! We are all very happy to be home, but the vacation was perfect in so many ways

We took so many photos on this trip and I’ll try to look through more and get some more on the blog before too long. Enjoy!


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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    The last picture seems like Mason is ready for the big life of NY. But then we didn’t see his face when he was looking at the cows being milked either. Good to skype this weekend. Love, Mom

  2. so fun!! and i still get excited about lightning bugs…they’re so cool!!!


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