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41/52 & 42/52

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Here are our photos of the previous two weeks…..


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Autumn fun

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Before Autumn slips away into Winter I wanted to post some more photos from our trip to the pumpkin patch.

This year we went to Lane Farms in Goleta and got a chance to buy a pumpkin, pet some farm animals, and buy one jar of apple butter and one of pumpkin butter. It was a big first outing for the four of us and really glad that Ken and Ida could join us in the fun.

Trips like this continue to be more fun as Mason grows and develops. He wants to do this, that, and redo it over again. He loved seeing the animals, going on the hay ride, leaping off bails of hay, and picking out his baby pumpkin to take home.

Enjoy the photos! We will also get a Caleb birth post up soon (relatively)










Photos of the Day (10/11/13)

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This is our third addition of our Photos of the Day project. The idea is pretty simple, we take a photo every hour throughout the day to capture the daily routine and little moments. We’ve been doing the photo project every six months for Mason and we are happy to add Caleb into the mix.

As you’ll see, our day included some home time, a trip to the pumpkin patch, time down in Carpinteria to visit Elaine’s parents, lots of naps for Caleb and a bouncing Mason at bedtime. Our day was a lot of fun and filled with little adventures. We were all pretty tired by the end but look forward to doing the next round in six months.

For whatever reason I can’t seem to get the formatting right on the post. So if you are reading this blog post on your email it may be kind of difficult. I’d suggest you go to our website: for easier reading.

Thanks and enjoy!







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(Quick) 2nd Birthday Post

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For weeks leading up to his 2nd birthday Mason began requesting pie as his special birthday treat. What’s funny is that we have no idea how he ever heard of “pie” and how delicious and perfect it is for the occasion.

When asked what type of pie he would want, he would politely pause… think more about his answer… and say “Blueberry. Blueberry pie” (heavy emphasis on the word pie). Berry flavor held for a while and then “Apple. Apple pie” quickly became the front runner. From there it was back and forth between the two flavors but there was always excitement with the word pie.

Mason got his birthday wish and got a slice of strawberry-apple pie for breakfast and dinner on his birthday. Each time involved two rounds of blowing out candles, birthday songs, and cheers.

Happy birthday Mason! You are a sweet, loving, and beautiful little boy. I look forward to many more pie requests. We love you



39/52 & 40/52

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We used tonight to get caught up with our weekly photography project. Its been a busy two weeks and there is a lot to update- more pregnancy photos, info on labor and delivery, Caleb’s birth, and Mason’s 2nd birthday!! We had a lot of great photos to choose from but here were our favorites. Enjoy and we will get more on the blog about those big events soon!