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(Quick) 2nd Birthday Post

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For weeks leading up to his 2nd birthday Mason began requesting pie as his special birthday treat. What’s funny is that we have no idea how he ever heard of “pie” and how delicious and perfect it is for the occasion.

When asked what type of pie he would want, he would politely pause… think more about his answer… and say “Blueberry. Blueberry pie” (heavy emphasis on the word pie). Berry flavor held for a while and then “Apple. Apple pie” quickly became the front runner. From there it was back and forth between the two flavors but there was always excitement with the word pie.

Mason got his birthday wish and got a slice of strawberry-apple pie for breakfast and dinner on his birthday. Each time involved two rounds of blowing out candles, birthday songs, and cheers.

Happy birthday Mason! You are a sweet, loving, and beautiful little boy. I look forward to many more pie requests. We love you




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  1. Mom and Dad Watson

    I don’t know what was in the package that Mason was opening, but it looks like it was EXACTLY what he was hoping for – after apple/berry pie. That pie story is a cute one. See you all soon. Mom


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