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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Elephants Outside Our Window

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(Looks like you need to visit the website to see the video. Guess it doesn’t get sent on the email notifications. Please click here )

Over the past few weeks Mason’s imagination has blossomed. He is cooking pretend food, making a farm out of his blocks, and lately he has seen elephants outside our dining room window. It’s been a lot of fun playing with him but the elephants have cracked us up. The other night during dinner he repeatedly requested that I open our curtains to look at the elephants. In case you’ve never been to our house if you look out this window you’ll see railroad tracks, a busy freeway, palm trees, but no elephants.

This dinner must have been different because Mason was convinced that there were four, yes four elephants right outside and I needed to look for them. As I approached the closed curtains he could barely contain his excitement and began laughing uncontrollably.  I repeatedly would open the curtain, act surprised, and close the curtains. I’d bet that this continued for about 10 minutes. Elaine got a video of the game and it is full of belly busting laughs.

The backstory is important for understanding this video entry. You see this morning Mason was at the window and he was looking for elephants outside. I caught the tail end of his play, but was able to catch him counting, quickly opening the curtains, and his excitement of seeing the elephants. As a warning the video starts off pretty soft but the volume definitely picks up towards the end.

Real quick- Yesterday Mason was counting with Elaine and made it up to 10 without hesitation. He does it a couple of times in the video if you listen for it.

Enjoy and happy elephant searching!


Today’s photos

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Today was a quiet Saturday. Nothing really special, but I thought I’d share some photos from it. Plus it’s been a while since we posted some photos….. Enjoy!